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1058 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 8

“Shut up!”

Shi Guang roared at Su Muyang fiercely and interrupted him – she had better play the role of the bad guy. She then glared at Su Ya before commanding word by word, “Because of your family, my family had to endure suffering out there for so long! Now that I’m back, you can dream about coming back to the Su Family even for mere visits! That’s because I don’t like you and the mere sight of you reminds me of my sister! The Su Family does not welcome you!”

Su Ya’s entire face was filled with misery as tears brimmed in her eyes…

Shi Guang then scoffed coldly. “Don’t start talking about grandpa. No one would fancy a person who’s filled with negative vibes from head to toe. Each time you’re here, you’re just crying and weeping. Even if you’re not tired of it, we are. Besides, grandpa’s health isn’t in the best state and he needs rest. He needs someone who can cheer him up, not someone who would come and complain day after day.”

This time round, she had to make sure that Su Ya’s relationship with the Su Family was broken entirely!

“But…” Su Ya wanted to say something but her sobs could barely maintain her speech as she choked in tears.

Clutching at her chest, it was as though someone had stabbed her through the heart.

Lowering her head, her beautiful lashes glistened with shimmering tears that started landing on the ground drop after drop…

There was a sound of hurried breathing as though someone could not catch their breath.

Just as Shi Guang was about to turn around, someone yelled, “Watch out!”

Lu Yanchen then bolted over without hesitation right after yelling and grabbed her by the waist.

Shi Guang froze up and raised her head only to see Lu Yanchen squinting dangerously while kicking out at the same time.

That kick was for Su Muyang’s hand.

With his hand tilted, that liquid that was aimed at Shi Guang changed trajectory…

At the side, Su Ya was smirking, thinking that she could finally use this chance to sow discord between Shi Guang and the Su Family. When she saw Shi Guang being pulled away by Lu Yanchen, she was reaching out for Shi Guang as well.

In any case, she would just say that she was trying to help pull Shi Guang away in the nick of danger too…

But right at that moment, the liquid’s trajectory changed.

Su Ya’s eyes widened in horror as she tried to dodge – but it was too late.

Part of the liquid had still landed on her face as she shrieked out.


Shi Guang did not know what happened except that she had suddenly landed in Lu Yanchen’s embrace while Su Ya was screaming. She steadied herself and looked over.

Everyone was stunned.

Su Ya was clutching at half of her face, howling while kneeling on the ground, “MY FACE, MY FACE!!!”

She then caught sight of the stunned Su Muyang at the side who was still clutching that glass bottle tightly.

The bottle was emptied out by now as the remaining liquid spilled on the floor, bubbling on the surface as though it was burning something.

Shi Guang clutched at her mouth with widened eyes, frozen in shock.

That was no mere water – it was acid!

To think that Su Muyang would be that insane to want to disfigure her!

Wait, that child was shocked silly while mumbling, “W-Why is it acid…?”

Even though the boy was stupid, he wasn’t that vicious. A single look was enough to tell that Su Ya must have been the one who had prepared the acid!

Was this… sowing what she reaped?!