His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1057 - 1057 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 7

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1057 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 7

When Shi Guang came to visit in the morning, Lu Yanchen said that he had something on and Shi Guang did not ask him to fetch her back. But when he found out while calling her in the afternoon that Su Ya had arrived, he headed for the Su Family right after he was done with his work.

When he arrived, Shi Guang and Qianxun were chatting in the living room.

Sitting at the side, his glass of water was paused midway when he saw Shi Guang’s disgusted expression while describing how Su Ya wanted to make a trade with her. He only continued to drink his water once she had resumed talking.

After hearing everything, Qianxun was filled with shock. “Yan Zi and Shi Ze were the ones… should we call the police?”

“It’s no use. Yan Zi and Shi Ze don’t know about Mo Feifei’s location right now as well,” Lu Yanchen said as he placed the glass of water down gently.

“Why would Su Ya say that then?” Qianxun was befuddled as she bit her lips while breathing heavily. “Could she have been involved in Mo Feifei’s disappearance too?”

Shi Guang replied, “I’ll handle my sister’s affairs with Yanchen. Right now, let’s think of how to deal with Muyang. I can tell that his mother’s worried sick about him. That child’s really way too foolish!”

Qianxun sighed. “He’s too young to understand what’s going on. Don’t be angry at him, we’ll teach him in time to come. As for Su Ya, I think it’s about time I have a good talk with her.”

If possible, she wanted Su Ya to never appear before anyone of the Su Family ever again.

When she went to make the phone call, Shi Guang leaned towards Lu Yanchen. “When you investigated Yan Zi and Shi Ze, they truly knew nothing of my sister’s whereabouts?”

“I don’t think they do,” Lu Yanchen wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “But to put your mind at ease, I’ll send people to investigate it thoroughly once more. Rong Mo’s assistant has already agreed to help us obtain a sample of Rong Mo’s hair too. Now that he’s returned, it won’t be long before we find out if he’s truly your sister.”

Shi Guang smiled with a bright twinkle in her eyes.

Hugging Lu Yanchen, she felt as though she was in possession of the world.

Su Ya came down at the moment alongside an enraged Su Muyang.

“You told Shi Guang that you know of Mo Feifei’s whereabouts?” Qianxun’s face was uncharacteristically stern and frosty.

“How could that be?” Su Ya looked surprised. “How could I know of Mo Feifei’s whereabouts? Shi Guang, why would you say that?”

Shi Guang stood up and walked to her. “Su Ya, you were the one who offered me a trade earlier on for my sister’s whereabouts. It took you just a moment to forget that?”

“That wasn’t the way I put it earlier on! I said that I could…” For a moment, Su Ya almost let her tongue slip before realising that it was exactly what Shi Guang wanted.

“… help you find Mo Feifei’s whereabouts. After all, I bear responsibility for her turning into a vegetable too.”

She hurriedly changed her reply.

Qianxun and Shi Guang exchanged glances before turning to Su Ya once more. “Let’s forget about the past. Su Ya, from now on, I don’t want you appearing in the Su Family anymore.”

Su Ya’s face turned frightfully pale and she could barely stand, having to be supported by Su Muyang.

“Little aunt!” Su Muyang snarled while barking at Qianxun. “Have you bloody gone mad? How could you do that to Yaya…”