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1056 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 6

Su Ya was so rattled that she shrieked out before weeping silently.

The sight of Su Ya in that state had Su Muyang fuming with a cold rage as his fists were almost breaking. “You’re way too evil of a woman! How could you do that? That’s too much!”

He had not thought that Su Ya would be suffering as such the moment it was found out that she wasn’t part of the family – this was too heart wrenching for him to watch!

Instantly, his face turned ashen as his tone to Shi Guang was almost akin to that of an order. “Apologize to Yaya!”

Shi Guang narrowed her gaze, contemplating about what she should say to make the best comeback.

But on second thought, she decided against it.

Su Ya was way too troublesome to deal with – even if she managed to chase Su Ya out, this woman would continue to pester them as well.

When Shi Guang had no response to his demand, Su Muyang was even more infuriated. “Did you hear what I said?”

Shi Guang looked at him, then at the pitiful Su Ya whose eyes were brimming with glee before spitting out a single reply. “No!”


“Are you braindead? Or have you gone stupid? Is she someone that’s closer to you than your parents? I’m telling you, keep your distance from this woman! Don’t get taken in by her. Rather than acting the hero before the damsel in distress, you might as well spend that energy taking care of your mother who’s fallen ill.”

Su Muyang’s face was almost bursting with anger. By the time he snapped out of his rage, he was already looking at Shi Guang’s back view as he bellowed, “Don’t think I don’t know that the both of you are in cahoots to lie to me!”

Shi Guang ignored him and just walked away.

He wanted to dash up and confront Shi Guang but was held back by Su Ya. “It’s fine, Muyang. Help me back to my room to clean up.”

While supporting Su Ya back, Su Muyang was still mumbling under his breath, “Yaya, you’re really too kind. She’s already bullying you so badly and you’re still acting as though everything’s fine.”

Fine? Impossible!

Right now, there was an unprecedented rage and shame boiling in Su Ya’s heart. This was especially the case for that contemptuous look Shi Guang gave her which felt like a slap on the face.

Yet, she had to conceal her emotions.

She looked at how Su Muyang’s veins were popping out through indignance for her and suddenly felt as though she had benefited out of this misfortune.

She had initially wanted to make a trade with Shi Guang but was rejected. To think that out of the ruckus, Shi Guang’s insults to her had awakened Su Muyang’s protective instincts for her!

Looking at the ‘soda water’ on the table, she lamented, “What else could I do? Take this soda water and splash at her while pretending that it’s acid?”

“She should be taught a lesson as well!” Su Muyang’s eyes were filled with wrath as he suddenly carried a menacing aura.

Su Ya shook her head dismally.

That despondent look on her face triggered Su Muyang even further.

When she saw him taking the soda water to leave, a cold smirk spread across her face momentarily.

She rushed after him. “Muyang, what are you doing?”

“It’s too much. I’m going to let her know that she can’t just splash water and kick stuff over just like that!”

A tear rolled down Su Ya’s cheeks. “But, if you do that…”

Before she could finish, her phone rang as she picked it up – it was Qianxun.