His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1055 - 1055 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 5

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1055 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 5

Su Ya smiled faintly while hurrying to clear her name. “Don’t drag me into it. I’ve truly got nothing to do with what Shi Ze and Yan Zi did. I do feel guilty about what we did to your sister back then and the thought of getting along harmoniously with you did cross my mind since you were grandpa’s real granddaughter. However, you did not wish to accept me. Right now, I have no intention of having anything to do with you either. I just wish to return home and get involved in nothing else. If you’ll let me visit grandpa more often, I can help you find out news of where your sister is from Yan Zi.”

“If Yan Zi was really behind my sister’s disappearance, I can find it out from her without your help. I don’t wish to have any trade with you. I’ve never worked with people I dislike because I’m not a businessman.” Shi Guang prepared to leave.

“Stand there!” Su Ya took a step forth and grabbed Shi Guang’s hand.

Instantly, Shi Guang’s face turned cold as she twisted her wrist to grab hold of Su Ya’s hand and pushed the latter against the cabinet.

Unprepared, Su Ya had not expected Shi Guang to push her as such while her back hurt from the slam.


She wanted to bark at Shi Guang but the latter grabbed her collar and spoke first, “I’m warning you, don’t cause trouble for me anymore and keep your distance from my family. Or, I won’t let you off!”

Faced with Shi Guang’s icy glare, Su Ya felt a deep chill running down her spine.

She froze for a moment out of fear towards Shi Guang. Suddenly, a sound entered her ears – it was Su Muyang heading down.

Immediately, her facial expression changed to one of grievance as she yelled out, “I’m sorry, I’ve done you wrong! Please, don’t hit me… please don’t!”

The moment she heard that, Shi Guang knew that someone must be coming down as she turned around only to see Su Muyang rushing down.

When he caught sight of the ‘fearful, weak and helpless’ Su Ya, he grabbed Shi Guang’s hand and pulled it away. “What are you doing? Why are you bullying Su Ya again?”

Shi Guang was speechless.

“Muyang, don’t…” Su Ya tried to stop him pitifully – that had a greater impact on Su Muyang than if she were to be angry.

He then roared at Shi Guang, “Why shouldn’t I? I can tell that she’s doing it on purpose! This is too much! Why are you always bullying Su Ya?!”

“It’s because she’s mistaken about me,” Su Ya sighed out sadly before looking at Shi Guang in dismal. “Shi Guang, if you’re unhappy about me, just tell me! I’ll change! But please don’t treat me as such. I merely want to return home to visit grandpa!”

Shi Guang’s guts were shivering from anger over how shameless this woman could be.

Would she ever be done?!

These words would have no impact on anyone else in the family, yet they were highly effective for Su Muyang.

Looking at the heartbroken expression on Su Muyang’s face, Shi Guang kicked a trash bin at the side. “Hurry and get lost!”

She wasn’t bothered with how Su Muyang would think at all – after all, this was still a child.


The litter poured out of the trash bin as a pungent smell spread across. The waste liquid started leaking out and coincidentally dirtied Su Ya’s shoes too.