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1054 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 4

Su Ya’s gaze was on the verge of tearing Shi Guang apart. “And you think you’re a saint then? Your sister has gone missing and is living a miserable life out there yet you’re happily preparing to get married and acknowledging kin. You say that I’m evil, what about you? You’re the heartless one! What if something bad happens to your sister, like if she gets crippled or injured? I doubt you even care at all!”

Shi Guang narrowed her gaze dangerously. “Su Ya, how do you know that my sister must be living a miserable life? Could you be the one that had kidnapped her?”

Even though she said it with conviction, it was more of testing the grounds.

Su Ya’s face turned frightful as she said, pretending to be afraid, “My, don’t misunderstand me. I’ve truly got nothing to do with your sister’s disappearance.”

However, she curled her lips right after. “But I do know why she disappeared.”

“Why?” Shi Guang could not understand what Su Ya was up to and could not help but want to taunt her – to think that Su Ya would bring up her sister’s affairs here and then.

However, since they were at the topic, Shi Guang did not mind getting to know more about how her sister was doing.

Su Ya beat around the bush intentionally, stroking her hair slowly before sighing. “I know that what my grandma did was unforgivable. However, I was raised by grandpa since I was young and I’ve got a deep relationship with him. I can tell you who the person who caused your sister’s disappearance was. However, you must promise me that you won’t interfere with me meeting with grandpa nor would you stop me from doing so.”

As long as she could visit Old Master Su a couple of times more, Su Ya was sure that she could definitely return to the Su Family.

Shi Guang looked at her calmly, thinking through her words trying to understand what she was up to.

A moment later, Shi Guang asked, “Why do you wish to return to the Su Family?”

“For grandpa, of course.”

Shi Guang scoffed coldly.

“I’ve noticed that recently, someone close to you has not been appearing. The both of you used to be so close and yet, she disappeared all of a sudden. There’s only two possibilities for that. Firstly, you had her do something for you and you guys are plotting something. Secondly, things turned sour between you two, be it before or after the gig was up. But no matter what, I’m certain that you guys would never return to how you were before. That’s why you wish to betray her. The person you wish to tell me about is Yan Zi, isn’t that right?”

Su Ya looked at Shi Guang in shock – she had not thought that Shi Guang would be able to analyse it out!

Looking at her expression, Shi Guang knew that she must be right. “Anyone who could harm my sister and is someone you know as well must be either Yang Sitong or Yan Zi. However, Yang Sitong’s in jail right now while Yan Zi went missing all of a sudden. Though, after thinking things through, Yan Zi wouldn’t have the capabilities all on her own. If so, she must have been working together with Shi Ze to get my sister out of the hospital.”

Pausing for a moment, Shi Guang scoffed coldly and added. “Though, there’s no way you aren’t involved even if Yan Zi did it. So, you guys must have been in cahoots!”