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1053 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 3

Shi Guang’s expression turned dark, but only for a moment.

Su Ya was clearly saying that just to agitate her, so she should not fall for her trap. Even though she hadn’t gotten concrete proof, Shi Guang was 99% certain that Rong Mo was her sister – even Lu Yanchen said he felt the same.

That’s the reason why Shi Guang was so at ease recently.

It did not matter whether her sister remembered her as long as the latter was doing fine.

Shi Guang had thought about clarifying their identities as well but too many things had happened recently. Of course, Shi Guang had no intention of letting Su Ya know her thoughts.

She chuckled and sneered. “Why, you’re not going to act anymore?”

“Act? Given the current situation, is there a need for me to waste time and do that? Since you clearly have no intention of getting along with me peacefully, why should I continue to be polite to you?” Su Ya raised her brow and smirked as though she had never once thought of Shi Guang to be on the same level as her.

Shi Guang crossed her arm. “I’m glad you realise that. Honestly, the way you are right now is even more comfortable to deal with than when you were pretending to be nice and kind.”

Stroking her hair, Su Ya laughed. “My, I never thought I’d see the day where you would praise me.”

“Of course, how could I not praise the first person whose looks are so disgusting that they feel comfortable?”

Su Ya’s expression turned ashen.

She looked at Shi Guang’s smirking expression and snarled. “You’re not much better. You think you’re real? You think you’re part of the Lus just because you married Lu Yanchen? Other than him, what rights do you have to stand here and act so arrogantly?”

“Of course I’ve got the rights. I’m Old Master Su’s granddaughter after all.” Shi Guang scoffed coldly. “Stealing my rightful place. To your family, the Sus have done everything. You guys led a carefree life of luxury and enjoyment. Yet, right from the get-go, everything you’ve had was a mistake. Everything you and your brother enjoyed should have been for me and my sister. We haven’t done anything to you guys about that and yet, you’re the one standing here questioning my rights thinking you actually deserve it?”

“I tried making peace with you, but you did not give me a chance to! You’re the one that forced us to this situation today!”

Su Ya’s eyes were bloodshot as she spoke every single word with pain and hatred.

“Forced you? Were you truly trying to make peace with us? Even if you try to hide your true intentions, that does not mean that no one would see through you forever! What about everything you’ve done to my sister? What about how you tried preventing me from getting along with Qianxun just so the secret that you bullied my sister wouldn’t get out? Was that forced by me too? Was I the one who asked you to bully my sister? Was I the one who asked you to drug Qianxun? I’ve got nothing to do with all of those sinful things you did! Everything stemmed from your greed and shamelessness! Don’t lump your evildoings onto my head and turn it as an excuse on my part!”

Even though Shi Guang said everything calmly and slowly, every word felt like a sharp knife that was stabbing through Su Ya’s heart.