His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1052 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 2

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1052 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 2

Looking at how Su Muyang was giving her a suspicious gaze, Su Ya’s face turned ashen. “What’s with that expression? I was just kidding. That look you’re giving me… are you thinking I’m such a scheming and evil woman? I’m not the one who splashed water at you.”

Su Ya said as her eyes reddened.

Immediately, Su Muyang comforted the sniffling Su Ya. “That’s not what I was thinking. I was just saying it randomly, I did not expect you to have acid.”

“Acid? This is just soda water! I was only playing along because I know you wouldn’t possibly splash acid at her for real.” Su Ya acted as though she was angry.

“I’m sorry, Yaya. I…”

Su Ya then interrupted him. “Alright, say no more. I know you guys are all the same! It’s because I’m not blood related that you’re all looking down on me!”

She then bit her lip and pretended to endure everything while tears flowed uncontrollably from the side of her eyes, looking like she was in extreme pain.

Su Muyang was filled with guilt from head to toe. “I’m not. Yaya, you must believe in me…”

“I wish to be alone. Please go out.” Su Ya suddenly stood up and turned around, looking as though she did not want to talk anymore.


“You’re right. This is the Su Family, I should be the one getting out.”

“No, Yaya, I’ll go out. Right away!” The teenager was perplexed as he left in daze, pushing all the blame onto Su Ya.

“Once grandpa wakes up, I’ll bid farewell to him,” Su Ya said in grievance, indicating that she did not want to leave the Su Family.

The moment Su Muyang closed the door, Su Ya’s face was contorted in anger while she shivered in uncontrollable rage.

Su Muyang was not as stupid as she had thought – to think he would be this useless! She thought that he would definitely obey her biddings obediently.

Looking at that bottle of acid in her hands, Su Ya’s eyes turned sharp as she gripped it tightly.

Was this going to be the end of things? No! Even if she had already been chased out of the Su Family, she can’t let up now…

If they fail to get power now, once everything fails, all their doings would be exposed and they would have nothing to fight back with!

She must not let all their years of effort go to naught now!

Shi Guang… If the relationship between Shi Guang and the Su Family were to turn sour, it wouldn’t matter if they were blood related!

In this world, there were tons of examples of family members turning on one another!

Shi Guang was in the kitchen preparing soup for grandpa. Just as she was adding the final ingredient, Su Ya entered the kitchen.

“Shi Guang…”

When Su Ya first called out to her, Shi Guang thought that she was going to pretend and reconcile things with her just as she had done previously. However, Su Ya was really direct this time round.

“Aren’t you feeling real pleased now?”

Her voice was chilly and cold.

Shi Guang raised her brow and chuckled. “Indeed, what’s not to be pleased about acknowledging my birth grandfather?”

Su Ya did not rage. Instead, she laughed out and raised her pitch while glaring at Shi Guang with an icy stare. “I wonder if you’ll still feel that way if you know how miserable your sister’s doing right now.”