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1050 The Truth Will Be Revealed 20

There was no way Su Muyang could tell Shi Guang to be thankful for something like that as he shrugged away the uneasiness of her reply before barking, “In any case, don’t hurt Yaya nor dream of chasing her away from our family! Otherwise, that’ll just make us hate you more!”

In truth, he only wanted to keep Su Ya in the family.

Even though he could not deny that Su Ya’s grandmother was in the wrong, he felt that it had nothing to do with Su Ya and she shouldn’t be blamed for it.

Shi Guang smiled calmly. “I didn’t realise your parents would hate me if I chased her away. In fact, I found them being happy after she was out!”


Just as Su Muyang was about to say something, Qianxun’s voice rang out. “Muyang, what rubbish are you talking about?”

“Little aunt, it’s not rubbish! This woman’s the one spouting rubbish! She’s a bad woman and she means to tear our family apart!” Su Muyang replied in anger.

“She’s your real cousin! Is that how someone with education should speak?”

Qianxun was considered an elder and Su Muyang did not dare to be rude as he mumbled, “No, it shouldn’t. I just think Yaya is pitiful enough…”

Qianxun furrowed her brows. “Pitiful? How so?”

“For someone to know that people you’ve been with for your entirely life aren’t your kin, isn’t that pitiful?”

“Grandpa did not cut off all ties with them. He merely did not allow them to stay here. Besides, we weren’t the one who caused that to happen. Her grandmother was the one who swapped the children. Shouldn’t Shi Guang be the one that’s pitiful instead?” This was a stubborn child – no wonder his mother would get so upset.

“You… little aunt! You weren’t like this in the past. You used to like Yaya a lot!” Things are just as Su Ya had said – everyone had changed! Everyone had turned so foreign just because she wasn’t blood related!

Was having the same blood truly that important that a lifetime of kinship could not match up to it?

At that moment, Su Muyang was truly disappointed in his little aunt as he concluded that in the family, he was the only one who would take care of Su Ya.

“Yangyang, you’re not young anymore. You should learn to look at a person’s nature better.” At times, what you see through your eyes aren’t what is real.

“Of course I know how to do that. Yaya has always been filial to grandpa. She wasn’t even born when her grandmother made the swap. How could she be blamed for that? If…”

“Alright, that’s enough,” Qianxun interrupted him impatiently. “I’ve already booked an air ticket for you for tomorrow’s 9am’s flight. Go pack your stuff in your room now.”

Su Muyang was thoroughly enraged but he did not dare throw his temper at Qianxun. He merely glared at Shi Guang angrily before leaving. “Yaya is such a nice person! You guys will regret this!”

Shi Guang scoffed out speechlessly.

Qianxun looked at Shi Guang. “Don’t get upset. It’s naturally hard for him to accept the truth since he was close to Su Ya since he was young.”

“I’m not upset. I merely think that Su Ya is truly terrifying. First, it was Shen Yiren. Now, it’s Muyang. Who’s next?”

Su Ya was always using others to get what she wanted. Shi Guang did not think that Su Muyang’s departure would be the end of things.

“I know what you’re thinking. But she hasn’t done anything to Muyang…” After all, with that many years of living together, no one would find it unacceptable for her to have Su Muyang plead on her behalf.

Qianxun was equally exasperated!