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Chapter 1048 The Truth Will Be Revealed 18

Shi Guang did not know where to begin. She came to visit Grandpa Su today but Su Ya turned up as well. In fact, she wasn’t alone and had brought a young man with her. Shi Guang found out later on that it was Su Qiudao’s son, Su Muyang.

He was 17 years old and had been studying abroad.

Su Ya said that she did not know why Su Muyang had returned but she merely received a phone call to pick the latter up at the airport.

While Su Muyang was cold to Shi Guang, he was extremely friendly to Su Ya.

Shi Guang did not feel hurt at all, merely incredulous about the entire event.

Su Muyang immediately dragged Su Ya over to visit grandpa.

Kneeling on the ground, Su Ya crawled to Old Master Su and cried on his lap, lamenting about how much she had missed him while apologizing profusely.

At the side, Su Muyang was explaining how Su Ya wasn’t in the wrong as the child swapping happened before she was born and that Old Master Su should forgive her.

Having brought her up, Old Master Su naturally had feelings for her. Alongside his grandson’s pleading, he relented and asked Su Ya to stay for a meal.

Once he had started giving in, it was easy to push further. During the meal, Su Ya emphasized her thoughts on kinship and how dearly she missed him while Su Muyang pushed for Old Master Su to allow Su Ya’s family to move back in.

Even though he did not agree to it on the spot, it was clear that Old Master Su was swaying.

This was a child that he had brought up – it was not easy for Old Master Su to be convinced that she was rotten down to the core.

Although he merely smiled faintly and did not agree to it eventually, it was still clear that he would relent eventually with Su Ya and Su Muyang’s goading.

When Qianxun heard the story, she was entirely speechless. “Where’s sister-in-law now?”

“Resting in her room in anger!” Shi Guang sighed.

The entire time, Su Muyang did not care about how terrible his mother was looking – in his eyes, there was only Su Ya.

Shi Guang was stunned at the entire event unfolding as well.

She thought about the show – Autumn in My Heart. In it, the identities of the female lead and co-lead were swapped and it involved a forbidden incestuous love. When the identities were finally exposed and the brother of the female lead found out that his sister wasn’t related to him by blood, he fell into a deep love for her.

Could that Su Muyang have a thing for Su Ya?

At 17 years old, there’s no way a young child like Su Muyang could know much about love. Su Ya must have been coaxing him with sweet nothings.

At that age when he’s the most susceptible to girls, there’s no way he could resist Su Ya’s advances!

It was probably the reason why he rushed back to the country and was willing to be Su Ya’s weapon.

Su Ya truly is shameless to not even let her claws off a defenceless child!

But with that, Shi Guang was even more determined to cut the ties of Su Ya and the Su Family entirely!

Qianxun headed up to check on her sister-in-law while Shi Guang continued watching the television although nothing was entering her mind.

Her thoughts were fully occupied on how to get rid of Su Ya from her world entirely!