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Chapter 1047 The Truth Will Be Revealed 17

Rong Mo did not have Qianxun send her and called for her assistant.

Before getting on her car, Qianxun turned back to Rong Mo as though she recalled something. “Shi Guang was mentioning that she wanted to have a meal with you a couple of days ago.”

Shi Guang…

Rong Mo froze up for a moment, thinking that she may have misheard things.

Was this the same Shi Guang? Her sister?

Rong Mo was almost in disbelief. Through her futile efforts of going about in circles, just when she was in despair that she may almost never find her sister again, there’s news of her sister?

“You’re saying that Shi Guang…”

There were many questions she wanted to ask right now:

Was this Shi Guang her sister?

Where was this Shi Guang?

How could she look for her?

But on second thought, Rong Mo recalled telling Granny Shang that there may be people wanting to harm her sister.

Right now, Qianxun did not know of her relationship with Shi Guang and had invited for a meal as well.

Since that’s the case, she could wait to ask after meeting Shi Guang.

Qianxun looked at her deeply, saying, “Don’t be mistaken. The reason why Shi Guang has been looking for you constantly isn’t because she has a thing for you. It’s because she thinks you resemble her sister. She’s not someone that’s conniving and scheming.”

“Sure, let’s have a meal together tomorrow then.” Rong Mo looked at Qianxun. While she may look calm on the surface, it was as though there were torrential waves surging through her heart.

I look like Shi Guang’s sister? How could there be such a coincidence? If that’s the case, Shi Guang must not know of my gender, that’s why she isn’t sure that I’m her sister?

Did I keep my identity from Shi Guang so as to protect her?

Qianxun frowned. “I’ve got to check with Shi Guang regarding that. I think she has trainings lined up these couple of days. You know how it is with athletes, they’re barely in control of their own schedules.”

Rong Mo replied hurriedly, “The day after or after that then, whichever works… I’m free.”

“Sure, I’ll ask her later then. I’ll let you know after we’ve agreed on a day.” Qianxun said and prepared to leave.

She was waving goodbye to Rong Mo that she missed her footing on her car steps, nearly falling over.

Instinctively, Rong Mo reached out and helped her.

“Watch out.”

Qianxun patted her chest in fear before smiling at Rong Mo. “Thank you.”

“It’s fine. Are you alright”

“I’m fine.”

Rong Mo said nothing more, merely returning a warm smile and boarded the nanny van after Qianxun got into her car.

Shi Guang… she could finally meet her sister again.

Seemed like she made no mistake looking for Qianxun today – she had truly found her kin.

Earlier on, Qianxun mentioned that Shi Guang was an athlete. Her sister was fond of swimming since she was young and had won many competitions. Could she have truly turned into a professional swimmer?

If that’s the case, there must be tons of news about Shi Guang on the internet.

Rong Mo immediately had her assistant search for Shi Guang on the web…

By the time Rong Mo reached home, Qianxun arrived at the Su Family as well only to see Shi Guang in the living room. “Why are you alone? Where’s father and sister-in-law?”

“Grandpa had just fallen asleep and sister-in-law’s feeling a little unwell so she’s resting in her room.”

“Sister-in-law’s unwell?” Qianxun was stunned. “What happened? She has always been healthy and fit!”