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Chapter 1046: The Truth Will Be Revealed (16)

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She pointed towards the door. “Rong Mo is the man I fancy now and I intend to develop our relationship further. Please don’t interfere with us.”

Lu Yanzhi’s gaze hadn’t left her face for even a single moment.

In truth, he did not think that she would fall in love with a gigolo as well.

However, he seemed to recall that her fiancé used to be a man of this type too.

Lu Yanzhi gripped his fist tightly as a frosty look flickered by his face, asking with a deathly aura, “Su Qianxun, have you done the DNA test yet?”


“So, what’s your decision?”

Qianxun spoke without a shred of hesitation as she mouthed every single syllable with conviction, “Unchanged.”

Suddenly, the entire house fell into a deep silence as Lu Yanzhi narrowed his gaze dangerously.

A moment later, he laughed out coldly before retrieving her house keys from his pocket and flinging it onto the coffee table.

Without any misgivings, he turned and left.

Qianxun froze for a moment watching his back view.

There’s no way this man should be this straightforward about things.

Why did he leave just like that?

While his departure and return of the house keys meant that he would no longer be involved with her and was something Qianxun should be happy about, she could not help but feel an inexplicable sense of misery creep into her.

Her eyes stung while her nose was stuffed.

Rong Mo headed down to check on things upon hearing Lu Yanzhi’s departure. When she saw the clearly distraught look on Qianxun’s face, Rong Mo stated bizarrely, “You clearly care about him.”

Qianxun gave a bitter laugh. “So, what?”

If you care, why chase him off?

Rong Mo could not understand. “Since you care and he fancies you, why push him away?”

Qianxun shook her head. “You won’t understand.”

“I heard that soldiers lead a busy life because they have a heavy responsibility. That’s the reason why they have to sacrifice family for the sake of the nation and spend more time on work instead. Yes, he may not always be there when you’re tired, sad or need help. But if you love him and the feeling’s mutual, why should his occupation bother you? Loving someone has nothing to do with their jobs. If there’s no feelings between you two, even if he has a perfect job, he may not be with you when you’re tired, sad or need help too. I haven’t been in a relationship before and I may not know about the dynamics of a relationship that well, but I know that if I do fall in love, I’ll definitely want to be with that person always!”

Qianxun spoke with a sense of regret. “But there’s no feelings between us.”

Rong Mo: “…”

That man clearly cared about Qianxun and it was clear the feeling was mutual.

“Alright, that’s enough. I’ll send you back.” Qianxun changed the topic.

“It’s fine, I’ll get my assistant to fetch me.”

“I’m on the way out as well.”

She did not want to stay at home alone. Each time she met with Lu Yanzhi, she would never be able to fall asleep. Knowing that Shi Guang was going to visit the Su Family today, Qianxun had rather spend time with her father and Shi Guang.