His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1045 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (15)

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Chapter 1045: The Truth Will Be Revealed (15)

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Even though Qianxun looked calm on the surface, she was actually nervous.

It was only after Rong Mo headed up that she turned to Lu Yanzhi while extending her arm. “Also, please return my house keys to me.”

Lu Yanzhi’s gaze had been fixated on her coldly. Looking indifferent, he said in a casual tone, “You seem to be having a good time in the couple of days where I’ve been gone.”

It was a mere statement such that one could not tell of his emotions.

However, Qianxun felt that those eyes that seemed to peer right into her soul looked utterly terrifying.

Under that scrutinizing glare, her heart could not help but palpitate while she bit her lip and smiled. “I’ve always been well. It isn’t just these couple of days. As long as you’re not around, my life is perfect.”

The moment he heard that, Lu Yanzhi marched forth and stood right before her.

His sudden movement caused Qianxun to shudder as she stumbled backwards unconsciously.

The entire air seemed stale where one could barely breathe.

Frowning, Qianxun glared at Lu Yanzhi. But the moment she made contact with his icy gaze, she felt a sense of fluster as her expression softened – in fact, there was even an underlying urge to run.

It was all thanks to her experience in acting that she was even able to conceal her emotions.

Turning around, she sat down on the sofa upright. “Lu Yanzhi, if there’s nothing else, I’ve got something on… after all, I’ve got a guest over. When you leave, please leave the keys on the coffee table. Thank you.”

Lu Yanzhi did not leave. Instead, he walked towards her and stood a few steps away from her, lowering his head and looking at her dominatingly.

He had been to the borders for an important mission a couple of days ago.

The moment he had returned, he caught wind of what happened to her at the onsen resort. Before even reporting to his superiors, he drove over for her instantly.Read more chapter on ReadNovelFull

Only… to find a man flirting with her in her house and a gigolo at that.

She even bought clothes for him! How caring?!

Qianxun raised her stiffened neck to meet his gaze. However, because of his domineering his aura was, she had to stand up once more.

Lu Yanzhi said nothing still, merely glaring at her coldly.

It was an aloof and icy glare.

Suddenly, Qianxun found the entire thing amusing.

Turning to look outside the window, she looked back at him after a moment. “Forget it, take the keys if you want to. You can keep them as toys, I’ll just change to another set of locks. Also, you can stay here if you want. We’ll just head elsewhere.”

She wanted to leave but her path was blocked.

Finally, the rage in her was no longer controlled. “Lu Yanzhi, don’t cross the line!”

At last, Lu Yanzhi spoke as well, “Have him leave!”

Even though it was more like a growl, it was cold and authoritative not to be challenged!

Naturally, that ‘him’ referred to Rong Mo.

Qianxun looked at that frosty, handsome face of his and scoffed. “Why should I? Who do you think you are? You can’t possibly think that there’s something between us just because we’ve slept together for two nights? Haha, Lu Yanzhi! You were once someone who could walk away right after he wore his pants. What are you acting all sentimental for now?”