His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1044 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (14)

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Chapter 1044: The Truth Will Be Revealed (14)

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Rong Mo went silent for a few minutes before requesting the driver and her assistant drop her off at Qianxun’s place on the pretext that she had something to discuss with the latter.

Initially, her assistant was reluctant to leave her alone – she was worried that rumours might spread, especially since it was late at night.

After surveying the surroundings and ensuring that no one was spying on them, she agreed to leave first and instructed Rong Mo to give her a call to pick her up when the latter was about to leave.

Qianxun was surprised at Rong Mo’s arrival. Pouring a glass of warm water for Rong Mo, Qianxun sat down opposite her. “Why are you here all of a sudden?”

Rong Mo smiled and hesitated about how she should start off the topic without sounding abrupt.

After all, she had no way of fully trusting someone she did not know in her memories at all. She then started the conversation using the script as an excuse.

Later on, she asked casually, “Have you met my sister before?”


Even though Qianxun knew about how Rong Mo resembled Shi Guang, she had not touched on the possibility that Rong Mo might be Shi Guang’s sister.

Back then, Rong Mo had brought a girl to the set while introducing the latter as her sister.

Instinctively, that was the girl that came to Qianxun’s mind as she nodded her head. “Yeap, you brought her to the set before. Her name was… right, Yuyu.”


Rong Mo froze for a moment – how could Yuyu be her sister? Seems like Qianxun knew nothing at all.

“Why would you ask that out of the blue?” Suddenly, Qianxun thought about how Shi Guang was always mentioning about her sister and wondered if she should ask Shi Guang about it.

But right then, the door burst open and a pair of shiny black boots entered into view. Raising their heads, they caught sight of a tall man clad in military uniform, looking all handsome and cold.

Lowering that raised head of his, he caught sight of a man in the room and instantly, burst forth with a lethally icy aura.

Qianxun’s face darkened right away as she bolted upright and said loudly, “Lu Yanzhi, aren’t you crossing the lines here? Don’t you know that this is trespassing?”

Lu Yanzhi said nothing, merely pursing his lips and looking cold.

Rong Mo felt a sudden awkwardness gush into her.

Could this be Qianxun’s boyfriend and was he mistaking something about them?

At that thought, Rong Mo jolted upright. “Qianxun, I’ll be leaving first since you have a guest. Thank you for everything.”

She had barely taken a step when Qianxun held her back. Rong Mo then turned around, stunned.

Yet, Qianxun was not looking at her. Instead, she was glaring at Lu Yanzhi fiercely. “No, you’re not the one who should leave.”

With that, Qianxun then turned and smiled gently to her. “I bought you some clothes shopping yesterday. They’re in my bedroom, go give it a try.”

Rong Mo: “…”

Huh?! What’s going on here! First, Zhu Yuyu. Now, Qianxun?!

N-N-No! This must not be the way!

Even though Rong Mo could not remember Qianxun, she knew that her relationship with Qianxun was not like that. Besides, Qianxun was clearly using her as an excuse right now.

Looking at how speechless Rong Mo was, Qianxun raised her brow. “What are you waiting for? Hurry and go up!”

With that, Qianxun dragged Rong Mo with her and headed upstairs conveniently.

Rong Mo was frowning with an ashen look. “…”