His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1041 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (11)

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Chapter 1041: The Truth Will Be Revealed (11)

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Rong Mo looked for the neurosurgeon. However, after an entire day of checks, there was no exact answer still, merely tons of possibilities.

Finally, after hearing that she hadn’t been sleeping well and was having wild dreams, Rong Mo was prescribed with medicine for her sleep.

Looking at the medicine in her hands, Rong Mo hesitated as to whether she should take them.

Even though the dreams were disturbing her sleep, they did help her with recalling her past.

What if her memories were to stop coming back after she started sleeping better?

That would not do – no matter what, Rong Mo wanted to remember who she was. Now that her parents were not around, she had to get to her sister.

The door of the lift opened and Rong Mo looked in, catching sight of a tall, decent looking doctor in white robes. When the latter caught sight of Rong Mo, a pair of pursed lips spread open gently, wanting to say something. Yet, nothing came out – he was in shock.

As for Rong Mo, her body could not stop shivering after she caught sight of this person.

For a brief moment, it felt as though the blood in her legs were being drained away completely.

She would have never imagined that here in the hospital, she would bump into the person she first saw when she woke up from the car crash – the man who had kept her in captivity in the villa.

Rong Mo’s first instinct was that she had to run. Out of fear, she was afraid that this man may capture her back once more.

However, she then remembered that she was in the hospital right now – the other party should not dare to do anything to her given the number of people present.

Rong Mo hesitated to enter the lift as she knew that the man was dangerous. If not for the fact that she hadn’t found her kin yet and she knew that someone was trying to hurt her sister, Rong Mo would have called the police.

But… the fact that the hair clip she had left behind in the villa had reappeared in her pockets meant that she must have returned to the villa in the period of time which she could not recall.

Perhaps, this man was the reason why she was missing some memories right now as well.

This man might be able to answer the doubts that she had.

Furthermore, she was a man right now – by right, she should be a stranger that did not know this man.

For safety precautions, she should pretend that was the case as well.

Rong Mo walked forth expressionlessly, trying her best to contain her flustered emotions.

Chang Xiaoyang’s eyes were fixated on Rong Mo, carrying an indecipherable gaze.

After a moment, his voice rang out, “You still remember everything, right?”

The brief moment which she had looked at him revealed changes in her expression that a stranger shouldn’t possess.

His voice was sceptical as Rong Mo gripped her fists tightly, hoping to look as composed as she could despite her pounding heart.

The unknown fear in her heart was making it difficult for her to settle down.

Finally, the lift arrived at the ground floor as she sped out. The man from the lift followed her, calling her back on a small path in the garden.

Even though Rong Mo knew that she could not hide things from him, she did not fear him as they were in a public place.

She paused in her tracks and turned around. “I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

She was trying to misdirect Chang Xiaoyang into believing that she remembered everything, hoping he might let something slip.

Rong Mo’s coldness had Chang Xiaoyang feeling as though something was tugging at his heart miserably…