His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1038 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (8)

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Chapter 1038: The Truth Will Be Revealed (8)

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Granny Shang then harrumphed coldly in displeasure. “What do you propose I do then? What can I do? Kick Rong Mo out of the house?”

How could that be possible? Granny fancied Rong Mo too much!

Zhu Yuyu pouted her lips. “Granny, I’m not asking you to kick anyone out. It’s just… don’t you want grandchildren anymore?”

There’s no way there could be children between two men.

Granny Shang then sighed. “I know that too. But thankfully, that isn’t an issue anymore. With technology these days, it’s easy to get an exceptional woman for a surrogate pregnancy. In any case, if he doesn’t get married by 30, I was already planning to whisk a grandchild out of him with any woman out there.”

Zhu Yuyu was stunned. “…”

Granny was so savage!

Granny Shang looked at Zhu Yuyu’s red and swollen eyes and said, “Yuyu, as a student, you should be focused on your studies. Now is not the time for a boyfriend. If I were you, I’d enjoy school and live everyday happily before finding a handsomer boyfriend in the future to let this gay couple regret for the rest of their lives.”

Rong Mo: “…”

Shang Mo: “…”

Zhu Yuyu wiped her tears before bawling out miserably, sobbing so hard that she could barely breathe.

Granny Shang did not stop her, merely patting down her back and hair as a form of consolation.

Finally, Zhu Yuyu came to an eventual stop. Looking at Rong Mo beside her, she still felt miserable nevertheless.

When she turned to Shang Mo, her eyes reddened once more and she was about to cry yet again.

Shang Mo eyed her coldly before suddenly saying, “It’s a good thing to like someone and you’re not wrong to be persistent over a relationship. However, the prerequisite must be that the other party must feel the same way. Otherwise, you would just end up being a burden and trouble for that person.”

Struck at her fatal point, Zhu Yuyu’s tears could not flow – it was heart wrenching to hear that Rong Mo did not like her at all.

She looked at her suave and utterly charismatic cousin and realized in misery that if this wasn’t her cousin, she might end up falling for such a charming man as well.

Compared to Shang Mo, she was nothing!

That realization was absolutely punishing as she endured her tears before rushing back to her room in a huff.

Once Zhu Yuyu left, Rong Mo looked at granny and explained, “Granny, Yuyu is a student and shouldn’t have her studies affected by relationships. That’s why we lied to her. I was just acting with Mr Shang.”

She was extremely careful while explaining, worried that Granny Shang might misunderstand through the slightest chance.

Heaving a deep breath, Granny Shang cleared her throat. “So, you mean to say that it’s all fake?!”

“That’s right, it is…”

Granny Shang eyed Shang Mo at the side – his expression was still and he remained silent.

Unable to read her grandson’s mind, Granny Shang harrumphed coldly before heading upstairs. Even though Yuyu’s character was straightforward and optimistic, she would still need the guidance and comfort of others now that she was heartbroken.

The moment granny left, Rong Mo felt as though the entire air had gone stale.

She decided that she should speak first as she looked at Shang Mo. “When I said that I fancied men earlier on, it was for Yuyu’s sake. Actually, I like women. However, you saw how things were earlier on too. I had no choice but to lie.”

Compared to granny, Rong Mo was even more afraid Shang Mo might misunderstand.