His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1037 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (7)

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Chapter 1037: The Truth Will Be Revealed (7)

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“I do like men, there’s no doubt about that… granny, I… how should I put this. I think you should know, it’s impossible between me and Yuyu…”

Rong Mo was explaining in a flustered manner only to see granny sitting down on the sofa once more, completely amused and watching her explain – in fact, Rong Mo could even sense a trace of gloat from Granny Shang over her misfortune!

At that moment, Rong Mo was completely helpless…

She wanted to clarify about the main point. “Me and Shang Mo, we…”

“Are indeed together,” Shang Mo suddenly said as he walked down the stairs and interrupted.

Rong Mo’s mind was blown. She had finally managed to explain things but suddenly, Shang Mo’s declaration had completely blurred the mess once more!

Even though Granny Shang looked calm on the surface, there was a sheer moment where her heart almost popped out of her throat, just that she didn’t show it.

For a split moment, she believed in it.

She knew her grandson way too well. If it was real, her grandson would definitely not spill it out so casually. Therefore, the both of them are not together – his reason for claiming so should be due to Yuyu.

However, for him to make use of this method, that would also mean that he had a thing for Rong Mo too.

Only, did he prefer the male Rong Mo, or the female Rong Mo?

At the side, the helpers were absolutely mind blown, watching with gaping mouths.

Their thoughts were more than sensational.

Horror: Is Old Madam hopping in rage now that she knew the boy she had rescued home had turned her grandson gay?!

=.= : To think that Mr Shang would be a gay!

Wicked sniggers: Why does it seem as though it’s better for him to be bisexual than to be gay?

Shock: Wait, Old Madam is not blowing up! What’s going on right now…

Granny Shang looked at Shang Mo. “For real? You’re together with Rong Mo…”

“Two men,” She then added intentionally.

Shang Mo hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.

He had initially thought that this matter would be extremely simple, but the moment he nodded his head, he found out in surprise that it was actually… rather heavy of a burden.

Even if he was testing granny with a half truth right now, it’d be like giving her a preventive shot – after all, he had already decided on Rong Mo and this day would come sooner or later either way.

There’s no other way since his heart had moved for a man.

Other than her initial fluster and confusion, Rong Mo was speechless to no ends by now.

She decided not to say anything and to only explain things to Granny Shang after Yuyu’s departure.

Granny Shang sat down on the sofa, looking elegant yet with a hint of sternness through her gaze – it was clear that her mood wasn’t all that great right now.

Everyone looked towards Granny Shang nervously.

Casting her glance across the room, she said, “You’re already grown up. If I tell you not to be with a man, would you agree?”

Shang Mo replied with conviction, “No.”

Rong Mo’s head shirked, looking as though she wanted to explain things. “Granny, actually…”

“That’s enough!” Granny Shang waved it off with authority. “Since that’s the case, what else can I say?”

Granny Shang’s answer surprised everyone; Shang Mo included.

He had not expected granny to be so open minded – hadn’t she always wanted grandchildren?!

Zhu Yuyu hugged at Granny Shang’s arms in tears. “Granny, Shang Mo is the only man in our Shang Family! This won’t do! No, no!”