His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1035 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (5)

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Chapter 1035: The Truth Will Be Revealed (5)

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“Now, that’s where you’re wrong. Nowadays, the rage is all about childhood sweethearts. If you don’t secure a man first, by the time you get to university, all the good men will belong to others…” With that, Zhu Yuyu paused for a moment before pouting her lips. “But why are we talking about this? Don’t try to shift the topic nor lie to me! How could you possibly like men? You previously mentioned that you were straight!”

Of course she was straight, but Rong Mo hadn’t said anything when Shang Mo chimed in, “It’s true that he only likes men and has no interest in women.”

That declaration stunned the both of them before him.

As though that reply wasn’t explosive enough, Shang Mo even eyed Rong Mo before leaning in to kiss her on the cheeks.

That warm and wet sensation had Rong Mo freeze up momentarily and as though she had suddenly realised something, her mind exploded.

It was just like a volcano that’s erupting, causing her to be rooted where she was.

To think that Shang Mo would actually kiss her on the face! Rong Mo felt as though every single cell in her body had ruptured, causing her body to go limp and leaving her with nothing but the furious pounding of her heart…

However, Shang Mo’s face was calm as he said to Zhu Yuyu, “Did you see that? We’re together.”

Rong Mo: “…”

Zhu Yuyu: “…”

She looked at Rong Mo, then at Shang Mo.

Blinking her eyes, she even forgot to cry.

The moment she found out that Rong Mo was injured, she rushed over to visit and at the same time remind her future boyfriend-to-be about their promise lest he gets seduced by other people.

But in the end? The promise was forgotten and she fell into the hands of her love rival!

And that love rival had just kissed Rong Mo earlier on, exerting complete dominance and authority!

What was going on over here?

Zhu Yuyu must have woken up on the wrong side of bed to receive shock after shock as such.

With a pale face, she looked at Shang Mo in disbelief, wanting to question him – Cousin, how could you steal my boyfriend?!

But she had always been somewhat afraid of this cousin of hers as he always gave off a cold and unbreakable aura.

She then looked at Rong Mo, hoping to find an answer from him.

However, Rong Mo was stunned and clearly lost.

Shang Mo then held Rong Mo’s hand and locked fingers with her. Looking at her passionately, he then said, “Keep your distance.”

Finally, Zhu Yuyu broke down into tears. “Impossible! Don’t lie to me!”

“Don’t cry, or others would think that I’m bullying you.” Rong Mo seized the opportunity to break free of Shang Mo’s hand before offering a tissue to Zhu Yuyu.

Even though she said she fancied men, she didn’t expect that she would be acting together with Shang Mo as a couple.

However, since he had already said so, Rong Mo could not break the act as well.

Zhu Yuyu wiped her eyes and sniffed. “Tell me, who’s the man and the woman between you two!”

Man and woman?

Rong Mo truly did not know but she garnered that she couldn’t ask that question or the farce would be exposed.

At the side, Shang Mo asked blandly, “Is that important?”

“Of course it is! There’s a huge difference between Top and Bottom!”

If one was the Top, there was a chance to convert them back!