His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1033 - The Truth Will Be Revealed (3)

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Chapter 1033: The Truth Will Be Revealed (3)

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When Rong Mo heard that, it felt as though a wave was crashing on her face.

She coughed gently before replying sternly, “Don’t spout nonsense.”

Zhu Yuyu’s eyes were wide open. “I’m not! He hasn’t had a girlfriend in forever and had even rejected all of granny’s matchmaking arrangements. Be it thick or slim women, conservative or open-minded ones, none of them succeeded. There were many times where he wasn’t even bothered to meet them. I think he doesn’t want to get married at all, so how is that not a sign that he only likes men? It’s a pity because granny really wants grandchildren and I don’t know how long more she can wait.”

With that, Zhu Yuyu sighed out sadly – it’s fine if Shang Mo liked men, as long as he didn’t try to snatch her future boyfriend.

Rong Mo looked at her and did not know to laugh or to cry.

That cute face of Zhu Yuyu’s coupled with a feigned mature expression just somehow made her look even cuter.

“It’s not because your cousin doesn’t want to look for anyone, it’s because his taste is exquisite and he takes a stern view on relationships. He’ll definitely find someone that suits him in the future.”

When Shang Mo heard that statement of Rong Mo’s from outside, his lips curled.

But in reality, Rong Mo herself wasn’t convinced with what she was saying and in fact, she was even feeling afraid that what Zhu Yuyu said may be true and that would coincide with her own suspicions.

Rong Mo no longer had the mood to continue massaging Zhu Yuyu as she kept the massager. “Alright, we’re done.”

Her meaning was clear – you can leave now.

However, Zhu Yuyu did not want to and continued introducing more features of the massager, telling Rong Mo that it could be used on the face to help it turn smooth and tender too.

Thereafter, Zhu Yuyu requested Rong Mo to help massage her neck a little more but Rong Mo rejected her. “I’m a little tired and I want to rest. Get your granny to do it.”

It was akin to chasing Zhu Yuyu away.

The reason why Zhu Yuyu had wanted Rong Mo to massage her was because she wanted a private one to one session with Rong Mo, hoping that she could manage to seduce Rong Mo into a first kiss of unstoppable passion.

However, not only was Rong Mo completely indifferent, Zhu Yuyu could sense a hint of impatience from Rong Mo.

Pursing her lips, Zhu Yuyu asked with reddened eyes, “Brother Rong Mo, you don’t like me anymore?”

Rong Mo did not know what to do.

That question… Since when had she even liked her?!

No matter what the promise she had made with Zhu Yuyu before was, she was certain that there was no way she would have agreed to be her boyfriend wholeheartedly – it was more likely a motivation booster for her entrance examinations.

Frowning, Zhu Yuyu was almost breaking into tears at this point. “But you’ve already promised me… you’re my future boyfriend!”

Rong Mo was helpless. “I don’t remember that anymore.”

“But I don’t care!” Zhu Yuyu pouted her lips. “Even if you think that I’m shameless, I have to be direct here! Life is short and it’s hard to find someone you’re in love with! I can’t lose this opportunity! Brother Rong Mo, you can’t forget our promise! You said that you would be my future boyfriend! Could I just utilize some of my rights as a girlfriend now first?”

“I can’t be your boyfriend,” I’m a girl.

Zhu Yuyu furrowed her brows, extremely upset.

Rong Mo could not bear to see her so miserable. Just as she was about to reply to Zhu Yuyu to wait till her entrance exams are over, Zhu Yuyu beat her to it, “Why can’t you be! What’s so bad about me? Can’t I change?”

Suddenly, Zhu Yuyu’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me that you’re like Shang Mo and you prefer men?!”