His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1028 - Back to the Starting Point (28)

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Chapter 1028: Back to the Starting Point (28)

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Both of them were so close such that Shang Mo could see Rong Mo’s long, slender neck the moment he looked down, breathing in her fragrance.

It was a fragrance that shouldn’t belong to a man, carrying a bewitching charm that struck at his heart, luring him into wanting to kiss her outright.

Shang Mo was the only one who knew that he wasn’t as calm as how he seemed on the surface.

Right at that moment, Rong Mo turned around and sent her ear towards him. There was no way he would let that opportunity slip as he kissed it along with the flow, even nibbling softly with his lips.

His soft lips along with a milky fragrance brought about an irresistible sensation like freshly squeezed cow’s milk.


Rong Mo’s mind went blank.

Never once experiencing such intimacy with a man, Rong Mo burrowed out of Shang Mo’s embrace right away.

When Shang Mo saw how flushed Rong Mo was, his heart could not help but skip a beat.

How could a man love blushing so much? Was this truly a man? Seems more like a woman.

Even though his heart was chaotic right now, he maintained his composure and looked at Rong Mo dubiously, “What’s wrong?”

Rong Mo was just about to flare up when she caught sight of Shang Mo’s totally indifferent expression as she turned puzzled.

Was it something really common for men to have such contact with one another?!

Rong Mo was thoroughly stumped. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something but was left speechless.

Her petite face was slowly being filled with a scarlet blush as her heart palpitated. Not knowing what to do, she merely wanted to make an excuse to leave without looking wretched.

However, Shang Mo whose gaze was fixated on the wall clock made the first move. “It’s getting late. You’re still not heading to bed?”

Rong Mo who was utterly nerve wrecked took the opportunity to nod her head furiously. “Yes, yes! I’m heading to bed now!”

Looking at Rong Mo’s back view that seemed like she was escaping, Rong Mo suddenly had a realisation – whether or not this was a man or a woman didn’t matter anymore… he wanted Rong Mo either way!

Rong Mo could only finally calm down upon returning to her bedroom where her brain started functioning once more.

Even though she could not recall her recent life, based on her analysis of Shang Mo, even if this man had been taking care of her, their relationship should not have been so intimate!

Based on her knowledge, the actions from earlier on were something that only a couple would do.

But yet, Shang Mo was going about such improper actions without feeling uncomfortable in the slightest bit… did he already know that she was a girl?

However, Rong Mo scrapped that thought almost immediately. Granny Shang had made it clear that she was the only one who knew and she wouldn’t reveal it to anyone.

And even if Shang Mo did know, it shouldn’t mean that he would do anything to her. After all, he could have any woman he wanted.

But wait… Shang Mo swung both ways, right?

Could Shang Mo have taken a liking for her given her current identity as a man…?!

That thought crashed into Rong Mo’s mind like a striking thunderbolt as her monkey brain raced about furiously, confusing her even further.

She hadn’t been on guard at all previously, thinking that because she was staying with the Shangs, Shang Mo would take her as kin and she should be grateful.

However, now that she was thinking deeper through things, she felt shivers running down her spine.

She was praying furiously that Shang Mo didn’t want to get into a gay relationship with her… because she’s a girl!

And even if Shang Mo was someone that swung both ways, she wouldn’t like someone who was bisexual!