His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1026 - Back to the Starting Point (26)

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Chapter 1026: Back to the Starting Point (26)

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Rong Mo followed Granny Shang and Shang Mo back to the Shangs’ home.

She walked around her bedroom – this was the place that she had stayed in, that’s right.

However, there were many more books on the table that pertained to acting – that means that Granny Shang was telling the truth about her turning into an actor.

She picked up a book and flipped through it – true enough, the contents seemed familiar.

She then continued walking around the room and opening up the cabinets to browse through her clothes, behaving like a detective that was searching the place but not gaining anything in return.

Suddenly, Rong Mo thought of her phone – there must be many records within it!

It was at that moment when she realised her phone was missing.

That’s strange, where’s my phone.

Searching through her pockets, she found a hairpin instead.

Instantly, Rong Mo was slightly shaken.

She had dropped this hairpin at that place, why was it in her pockets now?

Rong Mo sat on the bed, befuddled for a long time.

When night came, Rong Mo laid in the bathtub, relaxing herself so much that she fell into slumber before knowing it.

Her body slid down slowly until eventually, she was submerged and that had her waking up in shock.

The drowning feeling she felt from the waters gave birth to yet another series of images in her mind – it was of four girls ganging up on another girl extremely viciously.

The girl was beaten so badly that she couldn’t even stand up, lying down in a ball hugging herself tightly while her clothes were torn off…

Next moment, the image changed once more – she was now curled in a ball at a corner as a tall man walked towards her, squatting down in front of her. “Feifei, what’s wrong?”

She leaned forward and hugged him tightly before bawling into tears on his shoulders. “Daddy, I want to transfer to another school! Daddy…!”

The man fondled her head before pulling her away and asking seriously, “Tell daddy what happened. Did anyone bully you?”

“I want to transfer, I want to transfer…!”

As those words repeated themselves, Rong Mo jolted out of the water and breathed heavily.


That was her father in her mind…! She had not expected that something such as campus bullying would have happened to her personally!

Suddenly, as though a wave of melancholy had hit her, Rong Mo laid back against the bathtub and stared at the ceiling while sighing.

She told herself to calm down and that she shouldn’t worry – since she had already started recalling, things should slowly come back to her…

However, that night, she was still unable to sleep.

Seeing how it was almost midnight, she wore a thick down coat before heading downstairs for a glass of water.

It was snowing outside once more as the lights cast a beautiful reflection against the white snow.

There was a drawing board in the balcony of the living room. Rong Mo who was already far from sleepy started to look through the windows. Sitting beside the drawing board, she picked up a pen and started sketching…

On that snowy night, Rong Mo was not the only one who couldn’t sleep.

Shang Mo who had now realised his own feelings was flipping around his bed. Every thought he had of his own feelings towards Rong Mo made it even more difficult for him to sleep.

When he finally found himself feeling sleepy, he dreamt of a wild dream right away.

Inside his dream, Rong Mo was lying on the bed wearing a sexy strap dress. Even though the chest area was somewhat flat, there were still small mounds. Those curves on Rong Mo’s body was enough to prove that this was a she – it’s a woman.