His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1025 - Back to the Starting Point (25)

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Chapter 1025: Back to the Starting Point (25)

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Rong Mo looked back into the ICU and asked gently, “Will she wake up?”

Shang Mo furrowed his brows. When he saw how listless and tired Rong Mo looked with her lifeless voice, he suddenly felt his heart wrench and there was even an urge for him to hug Rong Mo deep in his embrace to console her.

Thankfully, he contained himself and repressed that shockingly sudden urge back within.

“You must wake up!” Rong Mo murmured.

Shang Mo’s heart was heavy. He wanted to reply that she won’t wake up but looking at how worried Rong Mo was, he swallowed his words.

Rong Mo was really showing way too much concern for this woman!

Shang Mo knew that Rong Mo had been keeping in touch with this woman recently and he would visit her when she was hospitalized almost daily.

Could Rong Mo have fallen in love with this woman?

Shang Mo pursed his lips tightly and said in a deep voice, “She will wake up, don’t worry.”

“That’s good.”

“Is this woman very important to you?”

Rong Mo raised her head and when she met with those penetrating eyes of Shang Mo, smiled and nodded her head. “Yes, very.”

This was her friend and at the same time, seemingly her link to her losing her memories as well.

Therefore, she wasn’t just important – she was very important.

Shang Mo’s long lashes were downcast, hiding a dark shade beneath.

Out of nowhere, there was a sense of jealousy that was growing from him towards that woman in the ICU. Rather, it was more of envy.

What was up with these feelings? Up till now, it was almost difficult for him to not want to or pretend that he didn’t understand his own feelings.

When he received the call from Big Sea that Rong Mo was involved in an accident, his heart nearly stopped beating out of fear.

It was only when he confirmed that Rong Mo’s friend was the injured one that he heaved a sigh of relief.

But, the moment he found out that Rong Mo had passed out, he found himself flustered and wanting to rush over at the first possible moment.

Only, Shang Mo did not understand how he could have had such strange feelings towards a man.

It wasn’t that Shang Mo hadn’t been in love before – he had.

However, after that love, he felt that love was the biggest waste of time and most useless thing in this world. After that, he hadn’t found his heart wavering for anyone through the years.

Even though everyone outside claimed that he swung both ways, he was certain that he hadn’t the slightest interest for men.

Yet, how was his heart wavering for Rong Mo?

At the start, he refused to believe in it nor did he want to accept it.

But now, he had no choice but to acknowledge it. Yet, it was still perplexing to him.

He knew tons of men; men who were more exceptional and handsome than Rong Mo… how was he not moved by any of them?

Was it because he had spent more time with Rong Mo?

If that’s the case, he had quite a few assistants that were good looking, had good personality and hardworking. Most importantly, he had high regards for them. But why did he not have any feelings for them, then?

If they were the ones who had accidentally clawed his towel away and caught sight of his manly part, he would have definitely tossed them down the building!

But if Rong Mo… take that day for example, he found himself relishing in the feeling of seeing Rong Mo blushing wildly.

Sinking in his thoughts, Shang Mo suddenly felt that… his throat was a little dry.

His mind started flickering with the dreams he once had – the wet dream regarding Rong Mo where Rong Mo’s gender was unknown…

Repressing his monkey thoughts, Shang Mo looked at Rong Mo. “Let’s go. I’ll keep someone here to look after her.”