His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1024 - Back to the Starting Point (24)

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Chapter 1024: Back to the Starting Point (24)

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When Shang Mo heard that Rong Mo had met with an accident, he rushed back as quickly as he could.

By the time he reached the ward, Rong Mo had gone to visit Yan Zi and only Granny Shang was there.

When she saw him, Granny Shang’s face darkened. “You’re finally willing to come back, huh?”

Following which, Granny Shang felt scepticism – this grandson of hers had never shown such concern for any outsider.

Even though she herself took Rong Mo like kin, Shang Mo wasn’t someone who would get close to people easily. Was the reason why he rushed back because he took Rong Mo as a brother?

Shang Mo could not help but grip his hand as his gaze swept through the ward. “Where’s he?”

Granny Shang scrutinized her grandson carefully. “Gone to visit his friend.”

“Is he fine?” Shang Mo asked concernedly while walking in casually and with grace.

“The doctor said that he’s fine, just that he can’t recall things that have happened recently.”

“Amnesia?!” Shang Mo was shocked.

“Not exactly. It’s just the things that have happened recently.” When Granny Shang thought about how Rong Mo would most probably not recall how Granny Shang had hoped for her to be a granddaughter-in-law, she sighed internally. Her voice could not help but contain disappointment and regret.

“How did this happen?”

“Who knows? The doctor said that a human brain has limitless potential and he isn’t able to give a definite answer on the basis of science.” With that, Granny Shang then ordered solemnly, “You must take good care of him from now on. He’s a patient.”

“Got it.” Shang Mo replied as he turned and walked away.

Granny Shang’s gaze lingered on the back view of her grandson – he was rather concerned about Rong Mo. Through all these years, other than family, Granny Shang had never seen him so concerned about anyone else.

However, what if the reason why he was so worried about Momo be because he took Momo as a brother? Or was it because he had a thing for Momo?

If it was fancy, does that mean that he does know about her gender?

If he didn’t, that meant that her grandson was a gay?

Granny Shang suddenly felt her breathing get heavier as she patted at her chest. If he truly liked men, the more she mustn’t tell him that Momo was a girl – what if he was suddenly resistive towards Momo after knowing?!

She clasped her palms before murmuring, “Amitabha, may the Gods please bless my grandson to marry a woman as a wife and that woman best be Momo.”

Shang Mo arrived at the ICU and from a distance, he had already caught sight of Rong Mo standing outside peering at the woman lying within.

She looked calm and expressionless, glancing in without any emotions through her eyes at all.

However, he had a sense that her gaze was somewhat hollow.

He walked forth and stopped beside Rong Mo. “Are you alright?”

When she heard the voice, Rong Mo turned around. “I’m fine.”

This was granny’s grandson – Shang Mo. She had met him a couple of times and he was a cold and aloof person with a stare that could freeze anyone. However, she heard that he had taken really good care of her and was doting towards her in the period of time which she could not recall.

At that thought, Rong Mo retracted her wariness and blossomed a mesmerizing smile towards Shang Mo.

The moment their eyes met, Shang Mo felt that heart of his pounding furiously.

Rong Mo’s smile today was different from the past. Back then, there was always a sense of cautiousness. However, it was sincere and had a trace of gratitude within it today.