His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1022 - Back to the Starting Point (22)

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Chapter 1022: Back to the Starting Point (22)

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Granny Shang looked at Rong Mo worriedly when she saw how dazed the latter looked. “Momo, tell me, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Didn’t the doctor say that she wasn’t seriously injured? But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I’m not feeling uncomfortable anywhere…” Rong Mo tried searching through her memories but she just could not recall how she ended up at the hospital. However, her head hurt and all sorts of jumbled images were appearing. Yet, they all felt surreal – what was going on?

She shook her head gently. “I just don’t seem to recall some things. Like how I got to the hospital and that friend you were speaking of, I don’t know anything about them?”

“Oh god, you couldn’t have lost your memory again?!” Granny Shang’s jaw dropped wide open in shock as she stared at Rong Mo in disbelief. “Then… you don’t remember everything that happened last night?”

Last night?

Rong Mo thought carefully for a moment before shaking her head. “What happened last night?”

Granny Shang took a long time before she could digest Rong Mo’s words. “Are you feeling discomfort anywhere physically?”

After she asked, she pressed for the nurse button for a doctor to come and conduct a check-up.

Rong Mo shook her head once more. “I don’t feel discomfort anywhere at all. It’s just that my head hurts a little and it’s really confusing. Other than that, everything’s fine.”

A doctor then entered and conducted a generic assessment for Rong Mo. Because Granny Shang was still worried, they even did a brain scan for her yet again that revealed no injuries at all.

Granny Shang was then stumped and asked the doctor why Rong Mo’s memories were gone.

The doctor’s explanation was that it was probably due to the small impact trauma of the head coupled with the shock of the accident that resulted in the momentary psychological amnesia which would probably go away with a couple of days’ rest.

Other than that, he could not explain it anymore specifically.

As Granny Shang conversed with the doctor, Rong Mo got down the bed, wanting to go wash her face.

Because she was distracted, she accidentally knocked her calf against the door as she entered the restroom and almost flipped and fell over.

Suddenly, a tense thread in her mind seemed to have snapped as a burst of laughter rang out in her head.

It was as though a similar scene had happened in the past before. “Sister, you’re really bad at coordinating your body. No wonder you would fall down even when walking normally.”

“Littly, don’t laugh at your sister!” A tall man at the side picked her up with a pair of warm hands. “Feifei, hurry and get up…”

Rong Mo raised her head and the sunlight that shone in from the open window was rather glaring. Closing her eyes, she raised her hand slowly and allowed the sunlight to seam through her fingers.

She then headed over to the sink and cupping water with both hands, closed her eyes and splashed it on her face.

When the water made contact with her face, a refreshing feeling spread through her as she heaved out a deep breath of air.

Suddenly, the face of that small girl passed through her mind once more.

The girl was sniggering beside her and waving her wrists while saying, “Sister, look! I just learnt a new way to swim…”

Sister… this was her sister, Shi Guang.

Suddenly, that thought popped into her mind.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked far ahead, facing herself in a shocked expression.

What happened during this period of time?

Even though she did not remember why she entered the hospital, how did she suddenly gain so much memories instead… and even though it seemed surreal, they seemed like they did belong to her.