His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1021 - Back to the Starting Point (21)

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Chapter 1021: Back to the Starting Point (21)

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Rong Mo’s heart felt as though a knife was stabbed through it as her tears started flowing uncontrollably. “Yan Zi, please wake up! You must wake up! You’ll be fine…”

At the same time, the call connected.

When the person on the other end heard Rong Mo’s voice, his heart clenched up as he asked nervously, “Yan Zi? What happened to you? Yan Zi…”

Rong Mo heard the voice coming from the phone and wanted to pass it over to Yan Zi when help arrived.

She then hurriedly assigned everyone to pull Yan Zi out in the fastest possible time and did not have time to care about the phone any longer.

By the time Yan Zi was pulled out of the car, her life was hanging on a bare thread.

The snowstorm was raging but thankfully, the ambulance had arrived swiftly. After getting Yan Zi onto the ambulance, Rong Mo wanted to head back for the recording pen when suddenly, she felt her vision turning black as her body went limp while her mind was starting to go blank.

“Mr Rong, what’s wrong? Mr Rong?” Big Sea did not know what was happening and supported her to the car, merely thinking that she was tired.

When Rong Mo got into the car, the warm cosiness within had her entire body relaxing. In fact, she felt really drowsy and wanted to sleep.

She tried her best to stay awake so that she wouldn’t fall asleep in the car.

By then, she couldn’t make out what Big Sea was saying at the side either.

Raising her finger, she pointed towards the place where she had slid down the slope earlier on, hoping to head there. However, her body felt really weak and she couldn’t even raise her hand at all.

Her vision was getting blurry while her consciousness was slipping. Tried as she wanted to open her eyes, they just wouldn’t listen.

Her heartbeat was pounding furiously as well as it all started to feel the same, her mind beating as one with her heart.

In her daze, splintered images appeared in her mind but yet, they were heading backwards.

The car accident, her sprinting, sliding down the slope, the car chase but the car was reversing, the villa…

Rong Mo knew that was something was up – the drug that Chang Xiaoyang injected in her must have started to take effect. No matter what she wanted to do and how hard she tried to remind herself, her head was just spinning and her body wasn’t in her control.

Eventually, she descended into an endless night…

By the time Rong Mo woke up once more, she was met with a surrounding painted with white – ceiling, walls and bedsheet.

The air was filled with the stench of disinfectants.

This was a hospital.

Granny Shang was sitting on a chair at the side and when she caught sight of Rong Mo waking up, hurried over and gripped her hand happily. “Momo, you’re awake! That’s great!”

“Granny…” Rong Mo was puzzled – why was she at the hospital?

“What happened? Why were you jumping out of a car and involved in a car accident? Just what happened? That friend of yours is fine for now, but she’s unconscious.”

Friend? What friend? Hasn’t she just arrived at Granny Shang’s place? Why would she have any friends?

Also, what car accident? Wasn’t she sleeping at home? Why was there an accident?

Rong Mo’s head hurt and she felt giddy all over. There were all sorts of images in her mind – some familiar yet foreign at the same time.

She did not know what happened as she looked at Granny Shang and asked softly, “Why am I at the hospital?”

“You passed out in the car and Big Sea brought you here. The doctor said that you merely suffered from slight scratches and that you would be fine once you woke up. However, that friend of yours was injured rather severely and the doctors aren’t sure when she’ll be able to wake up.”

Rong Mo’s eyes were lost.

She did not seem to understand any of granny’s words at all.