His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1019 - Back to the Starting Point (19)

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Chapter 1019: Back to the Starting Point (19)

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A series of loud screeches rang through the air as the car could not stop at all, spinning around in circles on the snow-filled roads before eventually losing its balance and slamming onto a pole at the roadside. The car then flipped down the slope and crashed onto the bark of a thick tree, smashing the windscreen with a loud shattering sound.

The spins, crashes, shattering of glass and Yan Zi’s screams were mixed together into a chaotic mess.

After that, silence ensued.

Yan Zi’s body was twisted in the car as she writhed around in pain, losing her consciousness instantly due to the immense pain.

By the time she regained consciousness, she realised that she was buckled up by the seatbelt while the air cushions were launched, compressing against her body and fixating her position.

She looked up ahead and for a split moment, it was pitch black as a warm liquid flowed down from her head, turning her vision slightly red… through the red, she then caught sight of a car stopping by the road above her.

Su Ya and Chang Xiaoyang got out of their car.

Neither of them had expected that Yan Zi would crash the car by herself.

Su Ya sniggered coldly in smugness, feeling ecstatic in fact.

As for Chang Xiaoyang, his expression was complex as though there were a myriad of emotions going through his mind right now. Eventually, when he saw that Rong Mo wasn’t in the car, he realised that she wasn’t part of the crash and instantly, a look of relief spread across his face.

Suddenly, the sound of a car approaching rang out.

He turned to Su Ya immediately. “We mustn’t stay here for long! Their crash has nothing to do with us! Let’s leave!!”

Su Ya had indeed wanted to check on whether they were dead, but Chang Xiaoyang was right as well.

This crash must NOT be associated with them!

She then got back into the car with Chang Xiaoyang as they sped off and left.

Yan Zi looked at them, feeling her eyelids getting heavier by the moment.

Other than pain, there was no other feelings.

She wanted to speak, to move, to reach for her phone to call the police.

But no matter how much she struggled against the pain, she couldn’t do anything.

In reality, she was someone that was extremely afraid of pain. However, despite the massive crash, she was miraculously not feeling any fear. Instead, there was a cathartic feeling that was going through her…

Finally, she had repaid her debt.

With a smile beaming across her face, she closed her eyes slowly.

As Rong Mo was climbing up, she heard the ringing crash happen from far away and despite the distance, it was enough to reverberate through her ears!

Rong Mo could not help but feel a sense of fear and a shock like never before. “Yan Zi…”

She hurriedly sped up and in that miserable night, against the chilling winds, she ran with her might hoping to get there as soon as possible.

At the same time, she touched her pockets and wanted to call the police, only to find out that her phone and recording pen seemed to have fallen out while she fell down the slope.

Should she head back?

Right at that moment, a car dashed by and halted to a stop right beside her.

As the windows wound down, a muscular and ferocious looking man looked at her, seemingly surprised. “Mr Rong?!”

Rong Mo looked at him – he seemed familiar.

It was then that she recalled – this was one of Shang Mo’s men, Big Mountain’s brother – Big Sea!

Was he the one that Shang Mo had sent to watch over Yan Zi when she requested him to do so previously?

Rong Mo hurriedly entered the car and sat down. “Hurry! Hurry and chase! Get someone to help too!”

“What happened, Mr Rong?”