His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1018 - Back to the Starting Point (18)

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Chapter 1018: Back to the Starting Point (18)

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“Hurry, chase their car!” Su Ya ordered coldly.

“Even though Rong Mo was only injected with half the contents, it should be effective still.”

“What about Yan Zi? She betrayed me entirely! I’m not going to let her off nor do I want to!” Currently, Su Ya did not have that much malice towards Rong Mo. Instead, she couldn’t wish for more than for Yan Zi to die.

Rong Mo did not know how to drive while Yan Zi wasn’t a particularly good driver. Usually, she would only drive below 40km/h. However, she was reaching 80 today.

There was a sharp turn ahead and with it, she smashed into a pole at the side which sent out a piercing ring!

Both of them were utterly shocked by it while Rong Mo was gripping the armrest with all her strength.

Yan Zi’s heart was almost popping out. When she saw the car that was chasing from the back, she was petrified and breaking out in cold sweat, trying to think up of countless measures to escape this predicament.

Rong Mo was injected with the medicine earlier on. Even though it wasn’t all of it, it was definitely enough for her to forget everything that had happened today. However, Yan Zi knew that she was different – she was the true target.

If that’s the case, there was only a single way.

“I’ll slow down at the turn ahead! Jump out from there!” Yan Zi turned to Rong Mo and said suddenly.

Rattled, Rong Mo blurted out, “No way!”

Yan Zi was in this state today because of her. How could she leave Yan Zi alone now?!

“Why not? Think about it, if you’re not there, what could happen to me? Even if they catch me, they can’t do anything to me! Remember, as long as you’re fine, they can’t do anything to me! At the most, they’ll inject me with that memory degenerating drug. But the recording pen is with you! Even if I lose my memories, I’ll remember everything once you let me hear the contents of that pen!”

Even though Yan Zi said it rather calmly, her face was thoroughly flushed showing how nervous she was feeling at the moment.

Rong Mo naturally knew that Yan Zi was merely trying to console her.

“Once I’m gone, they’ll not let you off! Just drive faster! Once we drive out of this road, we’ll be on the expressway and we’ll be fine! They won’t dare to do anything to us there!”

“It wont work!!” They will definitely catch up because she knew how poor her driving skills were.

“Hurry and get out!” Yan Zi shouted resolutely.

At the turn, she reached out and opened the door beside Rong Mo while pushing the latter out after she slowed the car down.

Rong Mo rolled out of the car into a patch of grass down the slopes, her vision turning dark while her ears were ringing.

By the time she raised her head and looked at the road, she saw Su Ya’s car speeding by.

Bearing all her discomfort, she climbed up as quickly as she could…

Su Ya had ordered Chang Xiaoyang to drive faster and they hadn’t noticed someone jumping off from the car ahead at all since everything around them looked blurry.

“I’m already driving really fast now. The roads are filled with snow, if…”

Su Ya frowned. “If I ask you to go faster, you go faster! I don’t want to hear your complaints! If not for you, Yan Zi wouldn’t have had this opportunity! Tell me, are you in love with Mo Feifei?!”

Chang Xiaoyang furrowed his brows and did not reply, merely speeding up.

When Yan Zi saw them catching up, somehow, the uneasiness in her heart disappeared as this time round, she slammed down on the accelerator without fear.

At a sharp turn ahead, Yan Zi turned her steering wheel swiftly. However, the snowy roads were slippery and her tires started skidding…