His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1016 - Back to the Starting Point (16)

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Chapter 1016: Back to the Starting Point (16)

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Chang Xiaoyang raised his head slightly, looking a little dazed as he watched the distance blankly. He then lowered his head and looked at the drug in his hands before nodding his head gently. “Done.”

“Then what are you still waiting for?” Su Ya looked at Chang Xiaoyang and furrowed her brows.

After he met Rong Mo, Chang Xiaoyang’s attitude seemed to have changed somewhat. Yan Zi had already betrayed her… would Chang Xiaoyang do the same too?

She glared at Chang Xiaoyang fixatedly and suddenly felt a sense of fluster… if he were to betray her as well, what should she do today?

She then saw Chang Xiaoyang walk over to Rong Mo with a locked gaze before unrolling her sleeves coldly.

Seemed like she might have overthought things.

Su Ya turned around to watch over Yan Zi in case the latter tried anything funny.

What Su Ya did not know was that when she turned away, Chang Xiaoyang was actually looking at Rong Mo with a pair of moody eyes.

Rong Mo met with Chang Xiaoyang’s eyes as her eyes spoke of a thousand of mixed emotions.

This was the first man she had seen when she woke up – a man so warm and gentle, who yet set her up in such a sweet trap. If not for her lack of understanding of what was going on, she might have sank right into it.

He was truly nice to her, doting and caring, taking care to change up the menu daily with new ideas.

As long as they were in the villa, he would always be with her sitting right beside her, massaging her limbs to help her body recover.

Even though he didn’t speak much, his gaze at her was always tender.

Towards a man that nice, even if one’s heart was made of stone, it would most likely corrode over time.

Besides, humans had emotions. His presence was just like the air – even if she couldn’t touch him, it felt as though he was always there.

That was the reason why she thought that the first man she saw when she woke up may have been her boyfriend. In fact, she was even close to convincing herself in that fact.

There was once when she had fallen into a hazy sleep and in her daze, felt the presence of a person beside her.

When she opened her eyes, he was seated right beside her beneath the dim yellow lights, stroking her face gently with his long, slender fingers before lowering his head and kissing her on the forehead.

When he realised she was awake and looking at her, he was clearly stunned.

Yet, he then laughed out in a cool, calm manner that seemed as though he was flowers that were blossoming in spring.

That was the reason why she could feel her heart palpitating each time she thought about him even when she had begun to suspect him at the end.

Was that love?


Was that fancy?

Perhaps a little, she wasn’t sure as well.

But was that dependence?


For someone that had just woken up without any memories, she was just like someone that was drowning.

In her despair, he was that lifebuoy.

She didn’t have much hope, but that lifebuoy was the only hope she had.

Or perhaps it was because of that over dependence on someone, that full trust she placed in him, that caused her heart to wrench up in bitter pain each time she recalled that gentle, tender kiss that was like a grasshopper skidding on water.

At times, she even felt like he already knew about her realising what was going on and yet, he was still continuing the care and concern towards her just to continue that status quo. Not only did he not want to tear that veil of truth, he even acted as though he was careless and let her leave.