His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1015 - Back to the Starting Point (15)

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Chapter 1015: Back to the Starting Point (15)

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The fury in Rong Mo’s heart was ignited instantly.

She thought about her parents and her heart was submerged by a wave of sadness as she glared at Su Ya coldly, wanting to find out more. “You guys? Who? You? Your brother? Your parents? Your entire family, right?!”

Su Ya smiled out in a frank manner. “Oh well, there’s no choice since my father wasn’t the real son.”

Rong Mo’s smile was chilly. “What do you mean there’s no choice?! Even if you weren’t blood related, so what? Does that mean that you guys can’t live the moment you leave the Su Family? You guys have arms and legs, you can easily make a living for yourself and live a better life! No choice? More like greed!”

“Isn’t that the same for you guys?! Since you think that the Su Family is something you can do without, why insist on acknowledging Old Master Su then?!” Su Ya scoffed coldly in rage.

Rong Mo was speechless.

That was their real grandfather! Even if his surname wasn’t Su and he was just a normal person, they would want to acknowledge him too because that was kinship!

But she did not want to argue with Su Ya anymore.

“You guys killed my parents and that had me jumping off a building out of guilt thinking that it happened because of me. But still, I shouldn’t have known that you have done all these because of the parentage issue. Since that’s the case, why were you still unwilling to let me off when I was a vegetable!”

“Why? Because of your sister!” At the mention of Shi Guang, Su Ya grit her teeth.

“She should have stayed out of our lives after we spared her! But yet, she got married to Lu Yanchen! If you were to wake up one day and reveal the entirety of the past to her, who’s to guarantee that she wouldn’t be suspicious of the car accident back then? Besides, she got married to the Lus and entered this circle. Given her looks, it was only a matter of time before she caught the attention of the Sus. And indeed, she did get along with Qianxun! How could I allow that?!”

All her pent-up frustrations were being vented entirely right now.

“You became a vegetable because of Yang Sitong and the reason why she did it was because of Lu Yanchen! If Shi Guang hadn’t saved Lu Yanchen back then, you wouldn’t have turned into a vegetable and neither would your parents have died! If you went missing, Shi Guang wouldn’t be able to get together with Lu Yanchen with ease given how much she cared about you and she’ll definitely leave him and keep her distance from him since he’s the reason why it all started! However, I’ve overestimated your status in Shi Guang’s heart. Despite your disappearance and despite the fact that she knew what happened in your family was because of Lu Yanchen, she could still have the conscience to get married and have a baby with him!”

With that, Su Ya burst out into laughter as her features contorted in a wild ecstatic look. “See, everyone is selfish! Your sister Shi Guang is no different! Ever since she experienced the sort of beautiful life she gets from being together with Lu Yanchen, she’s not willing to go back to her old life!”

“My sister’s different from you! There’s just no comparison at all! Even if she’s still with Lu Yanchen, it isn’t because of that beautiful life that you mentioned!” Rong Mo was beaming widely.

However, it wasn’t in happiness – it was ridicule.

Su Ya glared at her coldly with a frightening stare.

After a moment, that scrunched up expression of hers relaxed. “Is that so? I’ll just have to see who she’ll choose between you and Lu Yanchen if she only had a single choice then.”

She then looked at Chang Xiaoyang. “Xiaoyang, are you done?”