His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1014 - Back to the Starting Point (14)

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Chapter 1014: Back to the Starting Point (14)

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Yan Zi’s face was turning darker by the moment and by the end of it all, she was furious. “You’re making it really difficult for me to work with you!”

Su Ya’s gaze was cold. “Do you have a choice?”

Gradually, Yan Zi returned to normalcy as she mocked. “Indeed, I don’t have a choice right now. Since that’s the case, I’ll listen to you then.”

Clutching her forehead with utter resignation, Yan Zi rubbed at her temples that were starting to hurt. “Actually, I don’t really mind as well. After all, it’s just my memories of the past six months. In fact, even if Chang Xiaoyang’s medication is strong enough to make me lose all of my memories, I wouldn’t mind it either. However… since I’m already about to lose my memories and I wont remember any of these, could you clarify the doubts I have then?”

Su Ya asked gently, “What doubts?”

Yan Zi’s gaze narrowed. “Was it really because of Yang Chifeng that you bullied Mo Feifei back then?”

Su Ya stared at her deeply, as though she was contemplating whether she would get out of this conversation with any losses.

Yan Zi scoffed. “Actually, we’re all clear about it. Whether or not you admit to it is another thing. It’s just that, Yaya… I wouldn’t have expected that back then, everything was already a part of your plan. You had already knew that Mo Feifei’s father was Old Master Su’s…”

“You’re wrong! Things are not the way you’ve imagined it to be! At the beginning, I truly did not know that Mo Feifei’s father was Old Master Su’s real son!” Su Ya interrupted her with clenched teeth.

“I hadn’t imagined that I wasn’t a descendant of the Sus either! All the while, I thought that I was an up and above missy of the high and mighty Su Family! But one day, my brother suddenly told me that our surname shouldn’t be Su and that our real grandfather was a gambling addict while our grandmother was a country bumpkin! If you were the one in my shoes, Yan Zi, would you want a life like that?! Would you rather acknowledge your real ancestors and declare your identity to the rest of the world?! No, you wouldn’t want it either! No one would want it! At the end of the day, anyone would choose to be part of the Sus! And if I wanted to be part of the Sus, that would mean that I had to kill off any single possibility of the truth leaking out!”

If they lost the backing of the Su Family, they would be nothing!

Rather than living a life worse than death, they may as well go to the edge and have that secret turn into an eternal one.

Rong Mo looked at Su Ya. “How did you know that my father was the real son then…?”

Looking at Rong Mo like a caged beast, Su Ya scoffed coldly, “It’s not difficult to find out. After all, your father was abandoned at the orphanage by my grandmother. As long as I were to investigate based on the date it happened, everything was revealed instantly. When I found out that not only was your father well and alive, he was even on good terms with grandpa, we decided that we mustn’t let you guys interfere in our lives! As long as you guys did not appear in the picture, we could continue with our lives as per normal! At that time, I did have a thing for Yang Chifeng. When I found out about Yang Sitong’s secret, I told her that the way to keep her secret eternal was by chasing you out of the school and keeping you far away. She bought it and instantly, tried to think up of all sorts of methods to have you transfer out. However, you refused to! Initially, we hadn’t thought of taking your parents’ lives! However, they went to seek grandpa for help! If that’s the case, you can’t blame us! You can only blame their destiny! Since the god of destiny had already given us a different status in life, it has no business taking it back!”