His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1012 - Back to the Starting Point (12)

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Chapter 1012: Back to the Starting Point (12)

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“Is that true, Yaya…?” Yan Zi asked before laughing gently. “If that’s the case, I would truly be impressed. To think that you could pretend to love Yang Chifeng for all these years just so you wouldn’t be exposed. So you actually have no feelings for him at all?”

“Of course that’s a lie. I love Chifeng.” Su Ya’s voice was calm yet without a trace of warmth.

Rong Mo then smirked and continued, “When you created the bullying incident, you’ve already thought up of the entire plan so that you could make use of my incident to cause a car accident for my parents. That way, everyone would simply think that they weren’t driving properly because they were too preoccupied with thoughts of me. However, Lin Yi’er found out about it. Initially, she had kept it in her heart and did not want to tell anyone lest it brought trouble for herself. That was the way until Lin Yi’er’s family business met with troubles and she couldn’t continue her career in the entertainment scene any longer. At that point, she thought about you. She wanted to seek your help because the reason why she was shut out of the scene was due to your request for her to test me out as well. I don’t know what you guys spoke of on that particular day, but I’m certain she must have let slip about knowing how you murdered my parents back then! What could you do at that point then? You knew that you couldn’t keep her alive anymore. Since you’ve already killed before, you might as well just create another car accident!”

Rong Mo did not reveal anything about Assistant Lin, worried that Su Ya might want to hurt her as well – Assistant Lin was going to be another important witness for this.

Su Ya’s eyes were still frighteningly dark. “Haven’t you lost your memories?”

Rong Mo smiled faintly. “Losing my memories doesn’t equate to losing my sanity.”

A bloodthirsty look flashed by Su Ya’s eyes as she snarled out. “Do you know smart people tend to die young?”

Rong Mo repressed the fear in her heart and avoided thinking about the meaning of those words before laughing. “The moment I was stopped by Chang Xiaoyang, I knew that there was no way I could escape anymore!”

Yan Zi’s sanity and reason was almost overwhelmed entirely by a torrential wave of fear and worry!

She stood up and looked at Su Ya. “Yaya, are you sure that’s the best method?”

“What else, then?!” Su Ya scoffed at Yan Zi. She didn’t trust Yan Zi at all – those words from earlier were clearly just a bluff! “Ah Zi, don’t assume that I don’t know what you’re thinking about! Didn’t you say that you were just trying to buy her trust when you got along with her? Why are you trying to gain mercy for her right now? Why? You can’t hold it in anymore? You’ve clearly betrayed me!”

“You’re wrong. I just want you to wake up! Murder is a jailable offense! Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life in jail?” Yan Zi’s gaze was filled with disapproval.

“Don’t talk to me with that attitude!” Su Ya’s voice shrieked as her face twisted menacingly before she mocked. “Didn’t you hear her? It’s not as though it’s the first time I’m killing anyways!”

Yan Zi felt as though her heart was being gripped by an invisible hand. However, she still smiled with composure. “If that’s the case, go ahead then. If you want to kill, go on. But don’t forget, all the other people weren’t killed by your hands personally!”

Su Ya stifled a laugh. “Is there a difference?”

“Of course, that’s a world of a difference!”