His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1011 - Back to the Starting Point (11)

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Chapter 1011: Back to the Starting Point (11)

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Otherwise, Old Master Su would recall about the past each time he sees Shi Guang and there was no way he would allow Su Ya’s family home. At the end of the day, the position of Family Head would definitely be passed down to Su Qiudao as well.

Su Ya was no longer conflicted.

She turned around and smiled to Rong Mo. “You heard everything. Don’t you think that she’s really too heartless to fall out with you just like that? Would you dare to take someone like that as your friend?”

This was a test.

Rong Mo curled her lips bitterly. “I’ve never trusted her right from the get-go, much less take her as a friend! My intentions today were to test her to see just what she was up to! And indeed, I haven’t guessed wrong. But I’m just really curious as to why you guys are not letting me off! Do we know one another in the past because I’m Mo Feifei? But honestly, I don’t know of any Mo Feifei! As far as I can remember, I’m Rong Mo!”

Su Ya took a couple of steps forth, raising her chin in a haughty manner. “Not remembering who Mo Feifei is doesn’t mean you aren’t her.”

“So the reason why you aren’t letting me off is because of your feud with Mo Feifei?” Rong Mo reversed the question.

“Am I not letting you off? I’m merely trying to protect my parents, my brother and me. That’s because you’re someone dangerous that would cause my family to endure fear on a daily basis, do you get it?” Su Ya words were so righteous to her own ears.

“I don’t get it because I haven’t done anything against my conscience.” There was no way Su Ya was going to get anything out of her words.

Forget it. Rather than insinuating about things, might as well declare everything to the open.

“Don’t use your family as an excuse for your shamelessness in coveting the wealth of the Sus.” Rong Mo looked as though she was entirely done and a layer of frost veiled her face.

She was no saint – there was no way she could maintain her cool against someone who had murdered her parents.

So, she’s admitting to her identity now?

Su Ya chuckled.

“Didn’t you say that you forgot who Mo Feifei was? What’s with your vengeful tone then? Don’t tell me that you’re just talking nonsense, by the way. At the end of the day, lies are lies and are merely waiting to be exposed someday.”

“I could say those exact words to you. The law is far-reaching. You will definitely be exposed for the things you’ve done someday.” Rong Mo reversed the statement icily.

“What do I have to fear being exposed?” Su Ya spread her arms out looking completely innocent.

Rong Mo did not beat around the bush at all. “The reason why you bullied me back then. In fact, now that I think about it, you were still just a kid as well back then and there were many loopholes that you’ve let slip. If I were to think, you must have already known about my identity back then… known that if my father were to head over to the Su Family, your father would have to leave and you would no longer be that classy missy of the Sus anymore!”

The smile on Su Ya’s face was slowly wiped away as it turned darker. “…”

“If that happens, you’ll be nothing but a common person and you wouldn’t get to enjoy the same treatment you had before. For that, you… or perhaps, you guys, your family, decided to hide the secret forever to maintain the status quo! At then, Yang Sitong appeared and you knew that she was afraid I might expose her secret and hence you went along with her wish to want to chase me out of the school to use it as a convenient excuse for yourself! You even pretended to fancy her brother just so that no one would suspect you!” Rong Mo analysed.