His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1010 - Back to the Starting Point (10)

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Chapter 1010: Back to the Starting Point (10)

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Su Ya was stumped for a moment before jeering, “You can’t be trying to convince me that everything you’ve done was just to check and see if Rong Mo was Mo Feifei, right? My dear Yan Zi, you’ve really disappointed me. To think that you would think of such a corny excuse at a moment like this.”

Yan Zi chuckled. “Of course not!”

She then shrugged her shoulders. “The moment I entered the hospital, I knew that she was Mo Feifei. However, why did I pretend that I didn’t know she was Mo Feifei when I knew she was? That’s because I wanted to gain her trust! I doubted that I would have been able to get time alone with Lu Yanchen if I didn’t have her trust. However, she’s really way too smart. Even when I hid the truth from you, she was still dubious towards me. Today was going to be our best chance where she could hide at the back and listen to us fight before leaving safely and utterly convinced that I’m on her side! But you destroyed that opportunity by having Chang Xiaoyang block her path of escape! Now, everything I’ve done before have all gone to waste!”

Su Ya’s eyes widened gradually. “Ah Zi, do you think that I’m going to believe you?”

Her subconsciousness was telling her that Yan Zi was lying.

However, Yan Zi was still putting on a nonchalant smile at the moment as though this was none of her business and she didn’t care about what would happen to Rong Mo right now.

That had Su Ya questioning the betrayal that she had believed in.

“What sort of a person do you think Lu Yanchen is? Do you think he’s that easy to set up? Without Rong Mo’s trust, how am I supposed to lie to Lu Yanchen? The reason why I didn’t tell you about it beforehand was because I hadn’t gotten Rong Mo’s full trust yet! Forget it, it’s not even important anymore anyways.” Yan Zi continued as she started munching on some potato chips on the coffee table.

“Yan Zi, you can dream about deceiving me again! I won’t believe in your words anymore!” Su Ya was frustrated and did not want to talk more about this.

“You can believe what you want but just think about it, given my hatred for the Lus, how could I possibly be on Mo Feifei’s side? Also, through all these years, have I ever lied to you? Even for things that I could not speak of, I’d only avoid speaking about them but I would never try to lie to you. I only avoid telling you things because the time wasn’t opportune. The reason why I’ve been trying to dig deeper into your secret recently was because I knew that Mo Feifei was already beginning to suspect me and that was going to be my chip to convince her! But look at the way you’re acting now, is there any point to me acting still then? You really think I want to get close to Mo Feifei? It’s all for our plan! But if you really think that I’ve betrayed you, you can do whatever you want to Mo Feifei then. But just don’t regret it!”

Yan Zi was absolutely indifferent.

She knew full well that if she had tried convincing Su Ya to trust in her right now, it would only have the reverse effect.

And indeed, Su Ya was starting to feel lost.

She had no way to determine if Yan Zi was telling the truth at the moment. If she had no need for Yan Zi, that wouldn’t matter.

But no… she needed Yan Zi too much now.

There were too many things that Yan Zi could do but not her at this moment.

At the same time, that plan that Yan Zi spoke of… if it succeeded, Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen would definitely be at odds!

At that time, it would be so simple for her to deal with Shi Guang!