His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1009 - Back to the Starting Point (9)

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Chapter 1009: Back to the Starting Point (9)

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Su Ya wrung her arm back and mocked. “Don’t you hate the Lus? Shi Guang is one of them now but why are you helping Rong Mo?!”

“Rong Mo is Rong Mo. What has that got to do with Shi Guang? Yaya, are you mistaking something?”

“Don’t lie to me. Since we’re already at this point, we can be direct about some stuff now.”

“Is that so? Let me ask you then, why are you so afraid of Rong… no, Mo Feifei?”

“Are you admitting that Rong Mo is Mo Feifei?” Su Ya’s face was so cold that it was frightening to look at.

“Am I?”

“That doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve already got Rong Mo’s details on my hands, be it information about him before he became an actor or after.”

“That does pique my curiosity then.” Yan Zi was intentionally delaying time so that Rong Mo could leave. As long as Rong Mo got out, she would be safe and at the same time, Su Ya wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.

“There’s not much information about Rong Mo indeed. The internet claims that he’s a distant relative of the Shangs and his parents are both abroad while he grew up there too. The reason why he moved back to the Shangs was because he wanted to continue his studies domestically. However, as the Shang Corporation was about to enter the entertainment scene and coincidentally, a second male lead reneged on his contract, Rong Mo took the chance and entered while everyone around him praised him for his good temper and personality.”

“And that IS the case.”

“But from his accent, it’s clear that he hadn’t grown up abroad nor is he any distant relative. Appearing right after Mo Feifei disappeared? It’s obvious that he is Mo Feifei. Only…”

With that, Su Ya frowned. “Why are you helping Rong Mo?”

“Am I helping Rong Mo?”

“Yan Zi! On account that we’ve been friends for so many years, I’m already giving you as much respect as I can! If you insist on going about things your own way, don’t blame me for not respecting our years of friendship!”

“What do you want then?” A cool voice rang out – it was Rong Mo’s and it was taunting. “You want to take both of our lives here?”

Yan Zi spun around in shock only to see Rong Mo who had entered from the back door once more.

Haven’t she already left? Why’s she back again…!

At that moment, Yan Zi caught sight of Chang Xiaoyang entering too.

Standing by the door, he lit up a cigarette and took a long drag.

She hadn’t returned… she couldn’t leave!

Su Ya crossed her arms and smirked coldly at Yan Zi – did this woman really think that she didn’t know about her delaying tactics?

She simpered gloatingly as her gaze that was sharp as a knife landed onto Rong Mo. “Long time no see, Mr Rong.”

She then acted as though she had said it by mistake. “Oh, sorry. I should call you Mo Feifei instead.”

Rong Mo looked at Yan Zi, her eyes still bearing a sense of confidence and steadiness.

It was as though she was telling Yan Zi…

Don’t worry, there’s always dangers when you’re plotting with a tiger. Don’t get flustered nor worry.

Rong Mo then reached into her pockets.

Yan Zi did not know to laugh or to cry as she lowered her head and looked at Rong Mo’s hands – she knew what Rong Mo had in her pockets.

Really, even at a moment as such…

But indeed, that’s our best chance.

She heaved before turning around to look at Su Ya. “Yaya, you’ve ruined my plan…”