His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1008 - Back to the Starting Point (8)

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Chapter 1008: Back to the Starting Point (8)

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“There’s been a guest?” Su Ya’s eyes were scanning the entire place while she did not care to explain why she was suddenly back despite saying that she was returning to Z Province and that she had already boarded the plane.

Yan Zi’s face gradually returned to normalcy as she replied calmly, “No, just me. Haven’t you returned? Why are you suddenly back? You couldn’t have been taking the chance to test me, could you?”

She joked half seriously.

“Do you have anything that I could test you on?” Su Ya reversed the question sternly.

Yan Zi put on a playful, indifferent look. “Well, that depends on what you are afraid of me finding out.”

Su Ya chuckled. “Afraid of you finding out? Ah Zi, you’ve truly disappointed me. All the while, I thought that the person who understood me the most in this world was you. But nowadays, I’m understanding less of what you’re saying and at the same time, I’m disliking more of what you’re doing.”

“No, no, no.” Yan Zi put on an inferior expression. “I wouldn’t dare claim that I know you the most. If I did, I would have known why you’re back all of a sudden.”

Even though she was smiling, chills were running down her spine.

When did Su Ya start suspecting her?

How was she suspected when she didn’t recall doing anything suspicious?

Su Ya could not help but scoff coldly at those words. “Do you not know me or do you know me too well? That’s something we both know in our hearts. After all, we’ve been friends for so many years now. Yan Zi, I truly don’t wish nor do I hope to be on opposite ends with you… but when I saw you welcoming that person at the door, I was truly furious. Why? I just could not understand… don’t you have any bit of feelings for me as a friend all this while? Was our relationship solely based on mutual benefits and hence the reason why you want to cast me aside because my family’s on the brink of destruction?”

She was truly furious, feeling as though she had been deceived and backstabbed.

“Fufu, feelings. That’s really hilarious. Yang Sitong had deep feelings for you and took you as her best friend and her sister-in-law. And even till now, Yang Chifeng and his mother feels the same. But none of them seemed to have realised that Yang Sitong was actually done in by you! What are you using to repay their feelings then? Su Ya, don’t treat me the same way you treat Yang Sitong.”

If she were to trust in Su Ya the same way Yang Sitong did, Yan Zi would have probably been done in by now.

“You really think that I wouldn’t dare do anything to you?” Su Ya was both disappointed and heartbroken.

“No, I know what you want to do. But what I want to say is that if anything happens to me, the thing that I left in Shi Ze’s hands may very well end up in Shi Guang’s hands. I don’t need any evidence. All I need is for them to know that Shi Guang’s parents may not have died in a real accident and it may have been because of you. That’s more than enough to ensure that your life would definitely suffer from here on forth.”

Su Ya was already indignant from the start towards Yan Zi, coupled with her frustrations towards Shi Guang that she hadn’t managed to vent out just yet.

Now that she was being exposed, that caused her wrath to shoot through the roof as she raised her arm and flung a slap towards Yan Zi.

Yan Zi was about to say something when she received the ferocious swipe that caused her ears to ring.

She raised her head and saw Su Ya’s raised hand. Taking back everything she wanted to say and moving with a speed so swift that Su Ya hadn’t expected it at all, Yan Zi grabbed Su Ya’s wrist while glaring at her harshly. “What are you doing?!”