His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1007 - Back to the Starting Point (7)

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Chapter 1007: Back to the Starting Point (7)

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Yan Zi choked for a moment. “Actually, if you’re just looking for this trinket, you could have just told me. You didn’t have to come personally.”

She could not understand why this was so important that Rong Mo had to come down herself.

What if coming here might put her in danger? After all, it wasn’t as though Yan Zi hadn’t hurt her before in the past.

Rong Mo merely smiled and said nothing.

Of course it wasn’t just the hair clip. There was something else that was more important… something that could prove that she wasn’t staying at this place out of her own will back then.

She sprawled on the ground and reached under the end of the bed, searching around. Before long, she pulled out a recording pen that was pasted beneath the bed – unless one were to flip the entire bed over, they would definitely not be able to find it.

“What’s that?”

“A recording pen. When I was locked up in this place, Chang Xiaoyang would leave at times. All the while, he thought that I couldn’t walk on my own and most likely because he was worried I might overthink things, he merely locked me in the villa and not just the bedroom. At that time, I would often leave the house and take a look outside at the surroundings. There was once when I found this old recording pen in a trash can and I picked it up. Each time he came to speak to me, I would record it down as long as record my predicaments. That’s because I was afraid I might wake up one day not knowing who I was again once more, forgetting that Chang Xiaoyang was a dangerous man and I was in a dangerous place.”

Hearing those words had Yan Zi feeling uneasy all over as she lowered her head, unsure how she should face Rong Mo.

After all, she had a role to play in Rong Mo enduring that.

Rong Mo looked at her and instantly understood what was on Yan Zi’s mind. She then smiled. “It’s all in the past now. Look at how well I’m doing? Through another perspective, I may not have woken up if not for that accident.”

Yan Zi was thankful for Rong Mo’s understanding, but did not know what she could reply.

“Let’s go. Send me back? I haven’t eaten just yet.” Rong Mo smiled and changed the topic.

“Together then. I haven’t eaten either.” Yan Zi took the opportunity Rong Mo offered.


The both of them chatted merrily as they headed down. The moment they reached the living room, the sound of a car outside rang out as the both of them halted in their steps, looking at one another with a ghastly expression.

The only person who could drive a car in just like that must be the owner of this villa?!

Yan Zi was frightful. “Hadn’t they gone back today? Why are they suddenly back? Rong Mo, wrap out from the back!”

“Alright. You be careful too.”

Rong Mo looked at her worriedly before heading out from the back door. The moment she pushed the door out, Su Ya walked in through the front door.

Yan Zi looked at Su Ya and the first thought on her mind was why she had returned.

Had they decided to return midway?

No… Su Ya hadn’t left at all!

If that’s the case… does that mean that Su Ya had been suspicious of her from the start? Was this all a test? Coupled with the limited timeframe and that Mo Feifei had something she wanted to get from the villa… all of these must have been seen by Su Ya!

Yan Zi looked at Su Ya gently.

To think that she had caused Rong Mo to be put in a predicament once more! At this point, Yan Zi even had thoughts of killing herself.

Looking at Yan Zi, Su Ya smiled faintly. “Ah Zi, you don’t look too good?”

“Is that so?” Yan Zi took in deep breaths and was composing her emotions.