His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1006 - Back to the Starting Point (6)

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Chapter 1006: Back to the Starting Point (6)

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“Hmph, that woman sure knows how to steer with the wind!”

So, now that you know that I’ve been chased out of the Su Family, you want to partner with Rong Mo and seek another path out? You can’t surely think that Rong Mo will forgive you for everything you’ve done just because you’re helping her now, can you?

Su Ya gripped her fists tightly and turned to the man beside her. “Chang Xiaoyang, will you be the same as her?!” Betraying me!

“Of course not!” Chang Xiaoyang looked at her. “Back then, you had helped me and had sponsored me for my overseas studies. I’ve already said, I’ll be on your side no matter what.”

Su Ya smiled gently at him.

“Only, how did you realise that there was something wrong with Yan Zi?”

“I’ve known her for so many years. In the past, she had never bothered with why I disliked Shi Guang or why I insisted on keeping Shi Guang away from my family. Even if she had her doubts, she wouldn’t care about it because to her, there was nothing more important than her hatred for the Lus. However, things changed after she was admitted into the hospital and she started getting concerned about my dislike for Shi Guang.”

Yan Zi always said that Su Ya was someone whose iron hands were kept in a velvet glove but in reality, she too was the same. If someone like that were to bare their hands one day, it would be hard to trust them.

“Just like that?”

“That’s more than enough. It’s just like a couple who’ve been in love for many years. If one day, the man has an affair, no matter how cautious he is about it, the girl would be able to sense it with her astute senses. At times, the sixth sense of a woman is truly sharp and not just in the aspect of love…”

Su Ya bit her lips and looked up into the skies in disappointment.

She had thought about all the people who would possibly betray her – Yang Chifeng included – but Yan Zi was never one of them. Yet, in the end…

“What should we do now then?”

“There’s two ways about it. First, we pretend that we know nothing about it and make use of Yan Zi accordingly.”

“However, for Mo Feifei to turn up at the villa personally… does that mean that she may have something important she’s looking for inside? Would that be disadvantageous for us?”

“Then we’ll just have to go about the second method.”

With that, Su Ya’s gaze turned ice cold with a hint of bloodlust.

Rong Mo followed Yan Zi to the living room of the villa. It was exquisitely decorated and every single table and chair were placed tastefully, bringing a sense of class with warmth.

However, Rong Mo’s heart was only getting chillier by the moment.

This was the place she had woken up in. Even if she hadn’t spent much time in the living room, it was still familiar to her.

By the time she walked to the bedroom, her body was letting out uncontrollable shivers.

Sensing that something was off about her, Yan Zi asked, “Are you alright?”

Rong Mo snapped out of her daze and heaved out lightly. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. This room was where I had stayed.”

With that, she walked over to the bedside and shifted the large cabinet beside it with Yan Zi’s help.

After it was shifted, Rong Mo reached behind and before long, she pulled out a normal looking hairpin with the accessory on top of it gone by half.

Yan Zi: =.=”

“You came here just for this?”

Rong Mo nodded her head and wiped the dust away from the hairpin. “This was something I was wearing when I woke up. I’ve always felt that this was something extremely important to me given by someone equally significant. It’s just that I can’t recall who that person is till now. At that time, I dropped it behind the cabinet by accident but I was so weak such that I could barely walk, let alone shift this cabinet to retrieve it.”