His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1004 - Back to the Starting Point (4)

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Chapter 1004: Back to the Starting Point (4)

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Ever since that thought entered Granny Shang’s mind, she had been wondering about how to get Rong Mo and Shang Mo together.

She definitely couldn’t go about it just by telling Shang Mo that Rong Mo was a girl.

Firstly, she had promised Rong Mo to not reveal her gender to any outsiders. A promise was a promise.

Also, she did not know whether or not her grandson wanted to get married or whether he had a thing for Rong Mo or not.

If he didn’t and he later finds out that Rong Mo is a woman and that’s the reason why Granny Shang wanted to get them together, he might have a stark reaction about it and keep his distance from Rong Mo.

For safety’s sake, the current situation was the best for them to slowly build up their feelings!

Even though she couldn’t tell her grandson about Rong Mo’s gender, she could call him over for him to spend more time with Rong Mo. The best would be for them to return to Z Province together so that they can go about it with free rein!

Actually, it wasn’t that bad of a thing for Rong Mo’s true gender to be unknown to Shang Mo right now. That way, they could go about knowing one another deeper peacefully.

Rong Mo did not know of Granny Shang’s true thoughts and took it as a joke she came up with at the moment – after all, Shang Mo could have any type of women he wanted.

Although, just how did that reputation of Shang Mo’s come about?

If he was truly so conservative, why would people not spread rumours of him possibly being a gay or having no libido?

Why would they claim that he swung both ways?

In any case, there can’t be smoke without a fire. Perhaps it was truly as Granny Shang mentioned that Shang Mo spread the rumours by himself?

Rong Mo was truly thankful to Granny Shang for rendering her help during her most difficult moments. As long as Granny Shang needed anything from her, she would definitely do her utmost best even to the extent of sacrificing her life.

But marrying her grandson… that wasn’t a help, that was a hindrance.

Besides, it wasn’t as though Shang Mo would accept it.

Through their time together, Rong Mo could sense that Shang Mo didn’t have the slightest bit of feelings for her.

Right now, Rong Mo was more concerned about Yan Zi’s side – she had already been to the capital for a couple of days now.

In between, Yan Zi had communicated with her telling her not to worry and that Su Ya was still rather trusting of her.

However, now that so many days have passed, there has been no progress other than Yan Zi meeting with Chang Xiaoyang.

Cunting the time, Rong Mo garnered that Yan Zi and Su Ya should have returned to Z Province by now.

And indeed, she received a phone call from Yan Zi that afternoon informing her that they were going to return. However, Su Ya had gone ahead first together with Chang Xiaoyang – something seemed to have happened.

Rong Mo asked, “What about you? When are you planning to head back?”

“My flight’s tomorrow. After I return, I can’t continue running in circles with Su Ya. If I don’t start doing something, she’ll definitely stop trusting me. Therefore, I’ll most probably be causing trouble for your sister when I head back.” Yan Zi wasn’t completely at ease because when she questioned Su Ya about what happened, Su Ya did not reply to her directly.

“Actually, I don’t need you to give me any gift nor do I want you to do such stuff.” Rong Mo felt that Yan Zi should keep her distance from Su Ya and not get involved any longer. Even though she had done wrong in the past, Rong Mo knew that she had changed.

“Whether or not you want me to isn’t important, it’s that I myself want to!” She was involved in the bullying back then. However, her true intent was to see whether Lu Yanchen would have any reaction after finding out about Yang Sitong’s bullying on Mo Feifei.

At that time, Yan Zi had not considered the possibility of so many deep, dark secrets behind that act of bullying.