His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1003 - Back to the Starting Point (3)

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Chapter 1003: Back to the Starting Point (3)

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However, Granny Shang could not deny the correlation between Shang Mo’s behaviour now and his ex-girlfriend. It was also because of that ex-girlfriend that her grandson was so indifferent towards love right now.

If it was possible, he would most likely not want to get married at all, much less wish for any marriage happiness nor children.

And it was precisely because of that that Granny Shang was so worried.

If possible, she too would not have wanted to get involved in her grandson’s marriage nor private matters.

However, she did not know how much longer she could live on for. If she were to leave this world and her grandson ended up not getting married, how would things end up becoming by then?

Compared to the workaholic he was right now, she would rather that her grandson was a playboy.

At the very least, there was a chance of her having a baby to carry if he was careless…

Rong Mo thought for a moment before rambling, “… Granny, brother will definitely find a woman that belongs to him.”

She was indirectly rejecting her and declaring her intention to want to be his sister.

Granny Shang frowned. “You’re looking down on Shang Mo’s age? Even though he’s more than 10 years older than you, he is still in his prime and cannot be considered as a middle-aged man.”

However, there was indeed quite a difference.

Momo was 18 years old.

Shang Mo was 29.

This 11-year gap… it was only normal for Momo to be bothered by it.

Rong Mo explained hurriedly, “No, granny. In fact, I’m not 18. I should be around 26 years old.”

“What? You’re 26?!” Granny Shang was shocked. “But look at you! You look just like you’re 18! Well, it’s good to look young! It’s good! Since age isn’t an issue, what are you worried about? Just try it out with Shang Mo. You know that he isn’t the person that the rumours put him out to be.”

Rong Mo waved her hands repeatedly. “It’s not that…”

“Or do you think my grandson isn’t handsome enough and you want to look for someone even better?”

Rong Mo was about to go nuts. “No?”

Granny Shang then sighed. “Then why? Shang Mo is too oblivious, too unromantic and doesn’t know how to catch a girl’s heart? I admit, that might be his only flaw.”

“No, no, no, granny…”

“Then do tell me, just what are you not satisfied with? How nice would it be if you two got married!” The idea that Shang Mo would definitely have a blissful life if he married Rong Mo was getting embedded deeper into Granny Shang’s mind.

She truly had not expected that the down and out lad she had rescued back then would end up being a ‘her’ and a potential granddaughter-in-law.

Seems like good people do get good karma!

Rong Mo was feeling uneasy, repressed and awkward from head to toe, not sure what she could say anymore.

She pondered for a moment. “Granny, it’s none of that. The most important thing in a marriage is love. But I don’t have that with brother! Say, if we were to get married and he were to meet someone he fancied in the future, what would happen then? Adultery or a peaceful divorce? Neither of that sounds like a good thing!”

Granny Shang wanted to suggest that love could be brewed but on second thought, she decided to scrap it.

She nodded her head. “That’s true. After all, marriage is a lifetime affair. Just take it that I was joking with you then. I wish for both of you to find someone you love to marry. Our Shang Family doesn’t care about compatibility of backgrounds when it comes to marriage. After all, our family doesn’t need anyone to sacrifice their marriages for the sake of any financial gain or whatnot.”

Even though those were her words, those were not her thoughts.

Love? These two single man and woman being with one another day after day? Love will definitely brew!!!