His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1001 - Back to the Starting Point (1)

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Chapter 1001: Back to the Starting Point (1)

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Initially, Granny Shang had thought that Shang Mo’s sudden change in attitude towards Rong Mo was just for show towards her.

However, when she found out later on that he was for real, Granny Shang did not overthink things. After all, Rong Mo had a good personality and was likeable.

But now that she thought about it… could the reason be because he knew that Rong Mo was a girl?

That’s why he knew that she definitely couldn’t be an illegitimate son of his father?

Granny Shang did not know to laugh or to cry suddenly as she smiled at Rong Mo faintly. “Don’t get flustered, I’m not blaming you or anything. I just want to know, does Shang Mo know about your gender?”

Rong Mo shook her head. “No! Granny, could you help me keep it a secret?”

“Why must you keep it a secret?” Isn’t it good being a girl? It’s so inconvenient for a girl to pretend to be a boy.

“I found my younger sister and discovered that the death of my parents wasn’t due to an accident. Before I clarify everything, I don’t dare to acknowledge ties with my sister as I’m worried people would hurt her for it. Once I clear the doubt in my heart, I’ll definitely go acknowledge my sister. At that time… I will confess my identity. And I want her to be the first to know. She’s sacrificed too much…”

Rong Mo was absolutely trusting towards Granny Shang and hence the reason why she would spill all her thoughts.

Granny Shang was heartbroken at her words. “So, your parents have already passed away? It’s tough for both of you sisters indeed. If it’s true that someone’s trying to hurt you guys and you’re unable to declare your identity for your sister for the time being, we’ll keep it from Shang Mo then. Sooner or later won’t make that much of a difference.”

Granny Shang then patted Rong Mo’s hands. “But you shouldn’t get too worried as well. With me around, no one will dare to hurt you! If you need help, you must definitely tell me!”

Rong Mo smiled in gratitude. “Thank you, granny. If not for you, I may have already disappeared from this world…”

Granny Shang interrupted her. “You’ve already thanked me many times before. If you really think that you’re uncomfortable with all the impractical thanks, you can be my granddaughter-in-law then!”

“Huh!!!” Rong Mo’s eyes widened in shock. Instantly, she realised how inappropriate that was and tried retracting her look but everything just seemed awkward.

Initially, Granny Shang was just teasing her. But after saying it, she suddenly realised that it wasn’t that bad of a suggestion as well.

Her grandson was such a capable man be it in terms of looks, character or family background… they were all perfect.

But just because of some rumours, all the ladies in the circle were picky towards her grandson. But if Granny Shang were to have a say, none of those women were even befitting of her grandson!

In truth, Granny Shang did not wish for her grandson to marry any of those women back into the Shangs. However, she knew nothing about the girls outside otherwise and her grandson was unwilling to look for a partner as well.

That’s the reason why she had no choice but to look for a match for her grandson within the circle.

Otherwise, these women would have no chance at all…

But now that there was Rong Mo, what use were those women?

Even though Rong Mo’s family background isn’t comparable to theirs, she was definitely thousands of times better than those women.

Also, Shang Mo had tossed Rong Mo back home this time round to avoid the matchmaking session – what’s the meaning of that?

Could he have already discovered Rong Mo’s gender and was intending to marry her home and it was just that he hadn’t exposed her?

After all, her grandson was such a sharp boy. It wouldn’t be surprising for him to realise that something was off about Rong Mo.