Hello, Wife! - Chapter 46 - Warmth

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Chapter 46: Warmth

“Lao Da, has Su Le fallen asleep?” Separated by an aisle, Chen Xu saw Su Le resting on Wei Chu’s lap. In order to let Su Le rest more comfortably, Wei Chu sat on the edge of the 2 seats so that she would have more room to lie down. Wei Chu had considerately placed a jacket over Su Le’s body.

“Yes,” Wei Chu answered in a quiet voice while nodding. He looked out of the window. The sky was gradually darkening; cars were entering the city and the street lights had begun lighting up. As the coach drove past the street lights, the soft, yellow light shone on Su Le’s figure. The scene felt inexplicably heartwarming to him.

Upon seeing his boss’ expression, Chen Xu lowered his voice when he spoke, “She must be really tired from the mountain climb today.” Even though Su Le was usually very animated and lively, she actually did not have much physical strength.

“She prefers to stay in front of a computer,” Wei Chu carefully pulled the jacket to cover Su Le better. “Let the driver take everyone home. We don’t need to go back to the company building.”

“No problem.” Chen Xu glanced at Su Le once more before he headed towards the driver to pass Wei Chu’s message along.

When they arrived at Wei Chu’s small villa, Su Le remained asleep. Everyone witnessed the high and mighty owner of JinChu gently carry Su Le, who was sleeping deeply, in a princess hold. He turned and spoke to Chen Xu, “You should also get off here as well and help me open the doors.”

It was said that brothers were the most important but now, Wei Chu didn’t want to wake up the sleeping beauty, so his brother had now become a door-opening butler. Like the Chinese saying goes, people’s morals and values are degenerating with each passing day.


When the three of them left the coach, the people remaining stayed silent.

Employee Jia sighed, “The princess carry… she must be really precious to him. “

Employee Zhe also sighed, “I never thought that our boss had such a gentle side to him.”

A third person sighed while touching their chin, “I also thought JinChu’s boss was a two-faced scholar. I didn’t expect him to be strong as well. A hold like the princess carry really tests the strength of a man’s arms. His movements and posture were so smooth and light; it looked really firm.”

Everyone silently turned to look at the last speaker. Why did that person from the research and development department have such a weird focus?


With his beloved in his embrace, if the man’s thoughts did not go askew, he was simply not a man. But because his beloved was in his embrace, Wei Chu was a proper gentleman as he placed Su Le down on the bed in the guest room. He helped her take off her shoes and covered her with the quilt, but he did not touch anything else. Even her clothes remained untouched.

Chen Xu stood at the door way as he watched Wei Chu’s movements. He was smiling mischievously.

Wei Chu noticed the smile but left the room and closed the door before he asked, “Why are you smiling?” He then went towards the fridge to retrieve 2 cans of beers.

As for Chen Xu, he was already used to his boss bringing out beers instead of high quality red wine. He shot a glance at the beer cans, “Lao Da, you won’t be using the opportunity to do dirty things and then blame it on the alcohol, right?”

“What nonsense are you thinking of?” Only after Wei Chu had opened his can did Chen Xu realise that the drink in the can was actually a beverage and not alcohol. Chen Xu opened his own can to take a drink. The taste was pretty good, so he looked at the can to see which brand it was. “Isn’t this one of BaiSheng’s beverages?”

“Yep.” Wei Chu took the remote control from the coffee table to switch on the TV. He turned the sound down to the minimum and the drama series that was showing happened to be one that had relatively good ratings.

“Lao Da, your slavery to love doesn’t need to go so far. I can’t believe you’ve even gone to the point of buying beverages from her company to drink.” Chen Xu then glanced at the TV screen and saw the title of the drama that was currently on. He casually commented, “Isn’t this drama adapted from one the books of the author that you like? You like drama adaptations?” Chen Xu glanced at the can in Wei Chu’s hand then glanced at the drama that was being broadcasted. He was puzzled over whether his boss was being loyal or fickle. His boss treated Su Le extremely well but he also blindly supported a female author. It was a bit of a contradiction.

Wei Chu raised his brows but he did not give Chen Xu a reply.

“Lao Da, you treat me too coldly. It really hurts my heart.” Chen Xu took a sip from the can again. “It is said that brothers are like your hands and feet. Lao Da, you must have been a centipede in your previous life.”

Wei Chu just raised his brows again. He had no interest in those cold and childish words.

“Su Le is a very good woman. Lao Da, are you serious about her?” Chen Xu took a glimpse at the TV screen and couldn’t help but feel a tinge of worry. If the boss was not serious about Su Le, what would happen when Su Le found out about it?

“It’s dating with marriage in mind.” Wei Chu put his can down, “I’m not playing around.”

Chen Xu went completely silent.


By the time Su Le woke up, it was already the next day. Su Le could only feel extreme hunger. She started to suspect if she had actually been woken up by hunger and not by her biological clock because every morning, her biological clock required assistance from her mind and willpower to wake her up.

She scanned her surroundings. The environment was not familiar to her, but she was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. On the bedside table, there was a set of new, clean clothes. Su Le stared blankly at it for a moment before getting up and opening the bedroom door. She realized the hallway was familiar and remembered that this was Wei Chu’s home.

After changing her clothes, Su Le headed downstairs. Wei Chu was currently wearing an apron and frying an egg. A faint fragrance wafted out from the kitchen. Su Le smiled as she stood at the kitchen’s entrance. “Morning.”

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” Wei Chu scooped up the fried egg and placed it on a plate. “You can go and wash your face first; breakfast will be ready soon. The toothbrush and toothpaste in the light green cup is yours.”

“Okay,” Su Le shot a glance at the perfectly fried egg before going to the bathroom to wash up. Only when she put the toothbrush in her mouth did she realize that they seemed like an old, married couple. She shook her head. Surely it was simply a hallucination from her hunger.

Once she was done, Wei Chu had already served breakfast on the table. There were fried eggs, a cup of strawberry flavoured milk and some bread. There was some jam as well, though it looked like the jar had just been opened. Su Le spread some jam on the bread, making a guess that Wei Chu didn’t eat breakfast at home very often.

“There isn’t much at home. You’ll need to bear with it for one meal,” Wei Chu said as he sat on Su Le’s left. He had already taken the apron off. “I have already helped you to request for a day off. You can properly rest for a day. I didn’t lock the study upstairs, so if you’re bored, you can use the computer or read some books. We’ll have lunch together.”

Essentially, wasn’t he preventing her from leaving? Su Le took a bite of the fried egg. It tasted fantastic. Having such a man by her side was really advantageous. “It’s alright. I’ll be going back to sleep later. Just wake me up when you arrive in the afternoon.”

Wei Chu stared blankly at her. He thought that Su Le would find a reason to leave. Instead, the answer he received was unexpected. He let out a wide smile. “Okay. If you want to go out for a walk, the keys are on the top of the shoe cupboard. Call my personal phone number if anything comes up.”

“You’re almost like a father worrying about your underage daughter,” Su Le ate a mouthful of bread and eggs. It almost choked her. She drank some milk before she felt a little better. “Go to work at ease. I know what to do.”

Wei Chu was happy about Su Le’s casual tone when speaking with him because females would only be their natural self when they were with people whom they are close to. This clearly indicated that he had gotten a lot closer with Su Le. This was very good.

When they had finished breakfast, Su Le told Wei Chu to leave first as she cleaned up the table and kitchen.

The smile never disappeared from Wei Chu’s face as he grabbed his keys to leave.

“It’s just washing a few plates. Why did he smile so much?” Su Le muttered to herself. After tidying everything up, she returned back to the guest room to sleep again, but no matter how she tried, she simply couldn’t fall asleep. She got up and headed to the study instead.

Wei Chu’s study was very neat and tidy. Su Le stood in front of a bookshelf. She looked at the shelf that right before her eyes. This shelf of books was the easiest to reach for. But all the books on this shelf were very new and neat, and they were all from the same author.

Qi Jiu.

She stroked the books lovingly as a wave of complex feelings rushed over her.