Hello, Wife! - Chapter 45 - Like

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Chapter 45: Like

After watching the clouds for a while, Wei Chu suddenly spoke out loud, “Wait a little while for me. I’m going to buy something.”

Su Le nodded. Once Wei Chu left, Su Le leisurely walked around the viewing deck. On the right side, she saw several large rocks grouped together. As she walked closer, she discovered the rocks was carved completely with words. It was full of unfamiliar names joined with others. The stones were marked, but it didn’t look very bad.

Does this count as damaging public property? Su Le thought to herself.

“I heard that these are called SanSheng rocks and many couples like to get a master to carve their names on it,” Jiang Ting pointed to a middle-aged monk sitting on a stool not too far away from them. “That master’s carving skills are good and fast. Do you want to try?”

Su Le shook her head. This really was the century where people kept up with the times. Even a monk would use such a romantic way to earn money for the temple. These SanSheng rocks weren’t anything special. Anyone could just find a few random rocks and place them here.

Su Le walked up to the rock that was the closest to her. She wondered how many couples whose names were carved on the rocks were still together and how many of them had already split up.

Did anyone carve their names in an area which couldn’t be noticed easily? Su Le was curious as she walked around the rocks. Behind the rocks, there were very few words carved. Su Le chuckled. As expected, some couples liked doing things like this. She crouched down to look at the carvings more clearly as there were some words at the bottom that had become blurry due to age.

Su Le’s personality was slightly strange at times because she would complete or do something even though the action could be totally meaningless. She squinted her eyes to try and read the words.

Wei Chu wishes Su Le happiness?!

Su Le tilted her head as she thought that there were many people with the same names in this world. Subconsciously, she touched the words that was carved near the ground. She felt somewhat flustered as she stood up again. Stepping out of her comfort zone still made her feel a little frightened.

“What was at the back?” Jiang Ting asked as she saw Su Le’s expression become that of a strange one.

“There’s nothing,” Su Le replied as she touched her chin. Then, she tilted her head as she watched Wei Chu heading towards them from a distance. He was taking rather large strides, but his steps were steady. It was indescribably attractive.

“I heard that the protective charms from this temple are very effective. I got one for you,” Wei Chu walked closer before opening his palm and revealing the red string bracelet. There were knots tied which formed pattern on the bracelet.

“As one who has relations with science and technology, I can’t believe that you actually believe in these things,” Su Le teased him, but still held her hand out. As she watched this man, who was close to perfection, earnestly tying the red string on her wrist, her heart was gradually filled up.

“We should also get our names carved on the rocks,” Wei Chu said after tying the knot. He smiled as he held Su Le’s hand with one hand while pointing at the rocks with the other, “Should we carve ‘Wei Chu and Su Le are a match made in heaven’?”

Su Le rolled her eyes, “We are still on earth though.”

In the end, ‘Wei Chu loves Su Le’ was carved.

Five simple words. Su Le spaced out for a moment before turning her head towards Wei Chu. “Let’s go back and request for more charms. You should get some for Auntie and Uncle. I want to get one for my mother, and for Xiao Yue Yue as well.” Su Le seemed to have forgotten about teasing Wei Chu for believing in these things previously.

“Okay,” Wei Chu smiled warmly. He willingly walked back towards the temple and donated his money to Buddha under the shocked gazes from a group of women.


“Master, help me carve some words here.” A slender finger pointed at the empty space next to ‘Wei Chu love Su Le’. “Just carve Su Le … likes Wei Chu.”

Smart women knew the type of people whom they shouldn’t easily let their heart fall for. Smart women also knew that when romance appeared suddenly, they shouldn’t hide from it; instead, they should grasp on to it tightly. Things like romance were not like trains, where if you missed one, you could just catch the next one. With romance, you might not get another chance.

As they prepared to head down the mountain, Wei Chu constantly had a small smile on his face while holding Su Le’s hand. Su Le’s mood also appeared to be pretty good. Although Wei Chu had taken advantage of her in a way, he did not receive any glares from Su Le.

Everyone decided to sit in the cable cars to go down the mountain. This time, no one was silly enough to sit together with Wei Chu and Su Le and become the third wheel. Everyone let them have their private time.

From the cable cars, one could see the dense forest below and towns far into the distance. Su Le massaged her calves. “Too much physical strength is needed for a holiday.”

“In the future, you can call me when you’re going on a trip. I can help you carry things,” Wei Chu gladly added.

Just when Wei Chu thought that he would receive a sarcastic remark or a roll of eyes in response, Su Le smiled as in agreement, “Alright.”

Wei Chu felt that Su Le was exceptionally intimate with him today. It was like the invisible wall between them that had previously existed had now disappeared into thin air. The distance between them had subconsciously become closer. Even though he didn’t know the reason for this, Wei Chu really liked this feeling. He lifted his head and looked towards the mountain top. Maybe the Buddha was really helping him out.


Regardless of gender, everyone has an emotional side to them, no matter how rational they usually are like. Su Le was once skeptical about why Wei Chu treated her especially well. She was also skeptical about why he suddenly decided to pursue her. Su Le did not think of herself as charming enough to make someone fall in love with her at first sight. Besides, the probability of falling in love at first sight was just as difficult as winning the lottery. But the feelings she had for Wei Chu were different. He was considerate, but didn’t stick to her too closely. He understood that he had to give her space and respected her. Although he would occasionally act very shamelessly, he would not utter any empty or useless words.

He was the type of man who could make others fall for him easily. So she hesitated, doubted and even made conjectures. But in the end, as they became closer, her heart began falling for him.

Seeing that Su Le was silent, Wei Chu grabbed the opportunity and quickly planted a kiss on her cheek. “What are you thinking about?”

Su Le looked at him. She thought for a while before responding, “The story of Cinderella.”

“The story of a noble girl who was mistreated by her stepmother, and she then wore special shoes to attend the ball where the prince fell in love with her?” Wei Chu touched his chin. “After Cinderella did not have her pretty clothes on anymore, the prince could not even recognise her. He had to use a shoe to find the woman. Is that even love? Did the prince fall in love with beautiful clothing instead?”

“Don’t use normal logic to analyze a fairytale,” Su Le rolled her eyes. As usual, men were creatures who mostly didn’t have any imagination even though she didn’t like this fairytale very much.

“The main point is, what did the prince like about Cinderella?” Wei Chu was suddenly interested in the fairytale. “Besides, Cinderella was not truly Cinderella. Although she slept in the kitchen, her status was a daughter of an Earl to the outsiders. Her status wouldn’t change and that was why she could match with the prince’s status. So this story wasn’t truly a love story between a commoner and nobility.”

That was reasonable. Su Le looked up towards Wei Chu. “Therefore?”

“I’m not a prince and you’re not Cinderella. Therefore, we are a match made in heaven,” Wei Chu gave her a kiss again. “I am a man who is much more reliable than that prince.”

“How does praising yourself feel?” Su Le thought that if she rolled her eyes again, the muscles around her eyes would cramp up.

“Actually, I am a honest person.” Wei Chu replied seriously, “I would never praise myself all the time.”

“Psh. Su Le shifted her gaze away to look outside the glass window. They were currently halfway down the mountain. A warm hand rested on her shoulder. Su Le turned and saw Wei Chu’s pair of appealing eyes.

“No matter how you look, I would definitely spot you at a glance in a group of people.”

Su Le turned her head away and no longer looked at him.

One could die from such sweet words!