Hello, Wife! - Chapter 19 - Jiao Zi (Dumplings)

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Chapter 19: Jiao Zi (Dumplings)


After moving to a new house, Su Le, being a new employee, was earnest and serious in her work. Occasionally, she would come across Wei Chu who was also on his way and she would get a free ride from him. Comfortably, the days passed her swiftly.

On a calm evening, Su Le left work with her colleagues. At the company building’s exit, she saw a shiny sports car at the entrance. The had known the car’s owner for many years and seeing that he had shown up, her head started to hurt.

“Su Le, what’s wrong?” A female colleague saw that something was wrong with her expression so they asked with concern, “Are you feeling unwell?”

“I’m alright,” Su Le smiled towards the colleague. After the female colleague left, Su Le went to mingle with the rest of the group. She left the building with them, ignoring the person standing near the entrance without sparing a single glance at him.


Once Su Le got home, she cooked a bowl of noodles for herself. Once done, she switched on the computer and began on her novel. Because of her work for the past couple of days, the rate at which she was posting the chapters for her novels had slowed down, but there had been a few ideas building up in her mind so her speed in which she was typing was relatively fast.

After she typing out a section, Su Le stood up and went to make herself a cup of instant coffee. As she drank, she pondered about the next plot for her novel. Su Le was never good at dealing with the soft and gentle parts which were her weakness as a writer. She does enjoy writing but she dislike writing those weak and soft female leads. All the female leads that she had written were fierce, adaptable, and even schemers but she had never written a female lead that was weak or deeply attached to someone and cannot live without them.

When Su Le was young, her father took off with another woman with all the money from the joint account which he had with her mother. Her mother cried for a brief period but quickly stood back up, stronger than before as she carried on with her life. This enlightened Su Le that tears does nothing apart from gaining sympathy from others.

Rather than wasting the energy in hopes that the man, who had committed a wrong, would have a change in mind and return, it would definitely be better to gain the courage to stand up again. Even if life was going to be difficult, at least they would not lose themself or their dignity. Su Le believed in love but she would never easily place all her hope in it, and that was why when the situation with Zhuang Wei occured, she did felt disappointed but not hopeless.

To give up on future relationships and love interests because of one bad relationship, that is one foolish woman. But after coming across a failed relationship without learning from it, then that is another failure as a woman.

After drinking some coffee, she stared at the stars that shone outside the window. Men and women are all the same. Men are able to balance their careers and love, so there’s no reason a woman can’t do the same. A rational relationship is nevertheless better than a relationship where one loses their reason and then everything else in the end.

Putting down her cup, she carried on with another paragraph. Suddenly, her phone began to ring and she went to pick it up from the computer desk before answering the call while her sight remained locked onto the computer screen as she checked for any mistakes.

“Hello, this is Su Le speaking. May I know who this is?”

“Su Le, it’s me.”

Su Le’s right hand, that was typing on the keyboard, paused and she withdrew it. “Zhuang Wei, are you calling me for something?” Has this young master been too lonely recently?

There was silent for a moment before the familiar voice started speaking again, “I have broken up with Lin Qi.”

“Really?” Su Le languidly rested on the back of the chair while admiring how comfortable the chair was. Even her back that was feeling tense from all the typing was starting to feel relaxed. Too bad she did not know where Wei Chu bought it from. After drinking another mouthful of coffee, Su Le’s mood still could not be considered good. Just what else did Zhuang Wei still had to say?

There are times when the acting of some men are even better to watch than those from movies, and since the other party was letting her listen to a play for free, there was no way she was going to reject it.

Since Zhuang Wei didn’t get a response from Su Le, he could only carry on talking, “Have you been well recently?”

“Very well,” Su Le turned to look out of the window. Does this count as her hiding something?

The phone became silent again. Su Le did not wish to know what Zhuang Wei’s purpose was for making the call but she did not want to interrupt him since she was a woman with manners.

“Su Le, how did we come to this stage today?” Zhuang Wei’s voice held a sense of regret, a sense of loss, as well as some reminisce.

Su Le’s hand immediately tightened around the cup but she let out a smile filled with mockery, “It’s probably because I’m not good enough.”

The other party remained silent again. Su Le’s smile that was filled with mockery turned even more distinct.

“I really do like you a lot …”

The other party still had a lot to say but Su Le never return a response. Instead, she stood up and walked towards the windowsill. Her eyes darken as she looked at the world outside.

“I even thought about proposing to you after you return from your business trip, but …”

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“But you couldn’t control yourself and got together with another woman,” Su Le said as she extended a finger to touch the glass window. The cold sensation from the window calmed the tiny bit of anger she felt. “Zhuang Wei, we have been together for two years. If you’re still not clear about my personality then it’s impossible for us.”

“Right. You’re so stubborn that it causes people to forget that you’re a woman…”

“And that’s the part I hate about you. You can’t be controlled and lacks any bit of steadiness.”

“If you want steadiness, you can carry a heavy rock on your back instead. With a weight heavy enough, you will definitely notice if it had been stolen. Also if you want to take it anywhere, it will surely not oppose,” Su Le frowned, “I still have things to do, so if there is nothing else, I’m ending the call.”

“Good bye,” Zhuang Wei heard the tone of the end call from his phone and lifted his head to look at the certain floor of a building which still had the lights on. When he turned around to get onto his car, he immediately saw a person he really did not want to see.

Wei Chu also spotted Zhuang Wei. He glanced at the floor where Su Le lived, and then at Zhuang Wei who was looking at him coldly. He was not sure if he should tell the other party about a particular matter.

Zhuang Wei saw Wei Chu’s expression which seemed like he had something to say but held himself back. He then eyed at snack Wei Chu held in his hands, “What do you want to say? Are you going to flaunt to me?”

“No,” Wei Chu seriously shook his head and solemnly said, “I just wanted to tell you that you can’t park here. Also, there are security cameras nearby so it’s most likely that you would get a parking ticket.”

Zhuang Wei’s expression changed a few times, “Thanks for the warning.” Then he got into his car and sped off.

Wei Chu looked at the sports car that sped away and beamed, “You’re welcome.”

Then he quickened his steps into the neighbourhood since it was not good to keep the vegetable dumplings sealed for too long. It would be better if he quickly delivered them.


When Su Le found her inspiration to resume writing, that Zhuang Wei had to interrupt. Now again, the doorbell rang. She glanced at the time. It was already eight in the evening, who could it be at this hour? Walking up to the door, Su Le looked through the peephole and she saw the handsome and confident Wei Chu carrying a thermos box. No matter how one would look, the image was very amusing.

She opened the door to let Wei Chu in, “Senior Wei, what brings you here?”

“I made too many vegetable dumplings and I remember that you stayed just nearby, so I decided to bring some over.” Wei Chu walked up to the dining table and opened the thermos box, “Have you eaten yet?”

She suddenly recalled the bowl of noodles which she had made but didn’t ate much from. However, the aroma from the fragrant vegetable dumplings firmly made her decided to shake her head instead, “Not yet.” After she replied, she went into the kitchen to get two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks, “Let’s eat them together?”

“Alright, I got hungry on the way over,” Wei Chu nodded, “I’ll go to the kitchen and get some dipping sauce.”

Su Le was dumbstruck as she stared at Wei Chu who went into the kitchen. She had originally thought that Wei Chu hadn’t eaten yet but never did she think that he had already eaten and was hungry again.

The car ride couldn’t have been more than five minutes and he was hungry again?!

So it turns out that this Senior actually had a strong metabolism. As she matched the stomach that was like a black hole to Wei Chu’s handsome face, she could not help but feel the image that she had of Wei Chu collapsing even further.


In the kitchen, Wei Chu rejoiced as he took the sauce. He was right to have eaten only two dumplings before rushing over. Otherwise, he won’t be able to eat anymore.

He looked at where all the seasoning and sauce were placed. As expected, there were benefits of helping Su Le to sort out the kitchen when she moved in. At the very least, he was familiar with where everything was placed.

The trick of making use of every second, every inch, and every opportunity was extremely useful, and the Great God Wei Chu pondered passionately on that thought.