Hello, Wife! - Chapter 17 - Closing The Distance

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Chapter 17: Closing The Distance

When Su Le left the building the next morning, Wei Chu was already there waiting for her. Su Le, who was holding a bread and a packet of milk for breakfast, was shocked, “Senior Wei, why didn’t you call me when arrived? I’m sorry for making you wait so long.”

“It’s nothing, I’ve only just arrived,” Wei Chu glanced at the time. It was 7:40am, there was plenty of time. He then looked at the dry piece of bread in Su Le’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Su Le copied Wei Chu and got in the car. Then he passed her a bag. There were four custard tarts and a cup of warm tea in the bag. “I heard women like these food, but I didn’t think you’d make yourself breakfast already. How about eating a little more?”

Seeing Wei Chu’s firm expression, Su Le smiled in response, “Thank you.” Isn’t this Senior Wei’s behaviour somewhat too enthusiastic? Thinking back to last night when she received a few texts with smiley faces, she took a bite of the custard tart. Its taste was pretty good. “There’s actually a bakery nearby and their buns are not bad.”

She did not really eat much of food like custard tarts. Her living habits were similar to an average person – a big bowl of rice with vegetables and maybe some BBQ rib. During the mornings, if she was not in a hurry then she would drink a bowl of porridge and munch on a stuffed or steamed bun. If she was in a hurry then she would quickly grab a cold steamed bun. During idle days, she would meet up with friends to have hot pot. As for western food, she would avoid it as much as she could because she thinks: Firstly, it isn’t filling; Secondly, it was too expensive; and lastly, it doesn’t taste better than chinese food.

“Then next time, should I buy some buns for you?” Wei Chu smiled.

“Eh … There’s no need.” Su Le finished one custard tart and drank some milk tea, “Senior, ah. You don’t need to be so considerate towards me, otherwise, when you have a girlfriend in the future, it would be hard for me to get used to it.” Also, I might start thinking too much again and think as if you really like me.

Wei Chu laughed but he didn’t reply and changed the topic, “When are you planning to move into the apartment?” Yesterday, after sending Su Le back home, he made a few calls to have all the furniture and appliances to be moved and fitted into the two-roomed apartment today. If he were to call a housekeeping company now to clean the entire apartment, there should be still enough time.

“Probably this weekend, I have the time during those days. I’ll also find a chance during these days to let Chen Yue know, “ after knowing she’s moving out, Chen Yue would surely want to discuss about it for half a day.

“Ok, I’ll help you move your things in when the day comes.”

Since Wei Chu had said that he’d help her with her moving, Su Le could only give her thanks while finding a chance to treat Wei Chu to a meal. After all, she was getting a lot of perks with the rent being so low and him being completely thorough in helping her.

But Su Le was still not feeling totally secure about receiving such a large benefit. It could be caused by the fact that she had never been this lucky before in life. With these good things now falling on her head, wouldn’t she feel anxious?


Arriving at the company, Su Le reported for work and started to familiarise herself with the work at hand while slowly associating with her colleagues. One should not offend their co-workers or even speak bad about them behind their backs because the gossip might spread and they would surely know about it. The culture of a business office is profound and even though Su Le had not grasped a full understanding of it, she does remember the general etiquette one should have in a business office.

New workers should never overpass the original staff members until they’ve stayed long enough and should also know a limit when trying to curry favour them. Otherwise, the new workers would be seen as someone who is easy to push around and bully.

Su Le was different from the other new employees. After all, she did not bother to stand out since she only had to do her job properly and if the environment didn’t suit her, she always hand in her resignation. With her current income, there was no way she’d go hungry and that would be a good chance for her to return to her hometown to visit her mother.

Humans are strange. They hate those who snatch opportunities from them and look down on those who tries to curry favour them. For those who are pleasing to them are actually the ones who remained indifferent. So after a week, the impression that Su Le made on her colleagues was quite good, and she slowly yet silently established herself in the work office.

It’s reasonable to say that the people who successfully integrate themselves are those who do so unintentionally.


On Thursday evening, when Su Le returned to Chen Yue’s home after work, Chen Yue had already ended work and was nestled on the sofa watching TV while chewing on an apple, “Xiao Le Le, you’re back”

“Mmm,” Su Le sat down beside Chen Yue and picked up an apple from the coffee table before asking while peeling it, “Your mood seems very good.”

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Chen Yue glanced at Su Le and returned to watching the TV, “My family’s old man has passed the CEO position to me.”

“Not bad ah,” Su Le carried on peeling the apple and the string of skin gradually lengthened. “You have good prospects. Carry on working hard and you’ll become the most successful business woman in the industry.”

“Yeah right,” Chen Yue rolled her eyes at Su Le, “Do you need my help when you’re moving this weekend?”

“Not really, Senior Wei said he’ll help me.” Su Le bit on the apple.

“The Senior Wei you’re talking about wouldn’t be Wei Chu right?” Chen Yue widened her eyes. Senior Wei Chu’s company was huge so where did he have the time to help someone move her things during the weekend? The world was changing too fast, she really couldn’t keep up with the events anymore.

“Apart from him, is there another Senior Wei that is well known?” Su Le saw the amazement on Chen Yue’s face and puzzledly asked, “Why do you have that expression on your face?”

“Su Le, do you know the size of Senior Wei’s company?” Chen Yue unwaveringly stared at Su Le.

Su Le obediently shook her head, “I don’t know. Why?”

“Nevermind,” Chen Yue shook her head as if she was giving up and she threw the apple core into the bin before going back to her room. “Not knowing might also be good.” His intentions were so obvious but intended person still doesn’t get it. Senior Wei, it must be hard on you.

The Senior Wei, who was treating this common pearl as a priceless pearl to cherish, do carry on working hard.

“You’re not watching anymore?” Su Le pointed at the TV.

Chen Yue shook her head and woodenly said, “ How can the drama’s female lead be compared to you.” She then turned around and entered her room before shutting the door behind.

Su Le watched the stupid and foolish female lead and agreed with Chen Yue, “Her brain is really lacking compared to mine.” After clearing up the apple skin on the coffee table, Su Le returned to her room and opened up WORD after switching on her computer before resuming with a task that she had to do everyday – writing her novel.

After typing for a short while, when her phone began to ring. Su Le looked at her phone. It was a text from Senior Wei again.

[I’ll buy you breakfast tomorrow. Remember to sleep early.]

The corner of Su Le’s lips lifted and she quickly sent a reply. [Thank you. The mung bean congee you bought yesterday tasted really good.] Hmm, she began to think that she was gradually taking more advantage of Wei Chu.

[Then I’ll buy some more for you tomorrow. 🙂 ] [Thank you. Are you still working at the moment?] [I am, there’s still another document that I need to handle 🙁 ] [Then I won’t bother you anymore. Work hard.] Su Le sensed that she was finally able to calmly face the expressions that Wei Chu had sent her through text and her image of him as a young, smart, and talented person was already on the verge of collapsing.

Distance is like a knife, seen only when one gets close. It seems the so-called influential figures were still a normal human.


In the office, Wei Chu was beaming as he put his phone away. Then he posted a comment on a certain discussion forum. 【When pursuing a woman, leaving cute expressions in the text is extremely useful. LZ, you are amazing!】

At least, the distance between then is much smaller now.