Hello, Wife! - Chapter 14 - Not In Need Of Money

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Chapter 14: Not In Need Of Money


How that night’s ‘event’ was handled in the end, Su Le was intelligent enough not to ask. But since she and Chen Yue lived together, Chen Yue had hinted to her that Lin Qi really did get fired in the end.

Su Le was not very clear about the relationship between Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei. After all, one was the mistress who destroyed her relationship, while the other betrayed her even though he promised to be with her for lifetime. Even if she could let it go, she still had not reached the stage of forgiveness.


Switching on the computer, she posted a new chapter of her serialised novel. Su Le liked giving her characters a beautiful journey of events and a sweet ending. The first novel she had read was about an arrogant CEO and a simple and weak girl. It was always the female lead who gets bullied miserably by a 2nd female character. After reading a couple of novels, Su Le disliked those female leads in those novels and had a mind of wanting to scold them as well. They were such a disgrace to women as they only knew how to cry.

With a strong dislike for such characters, she decided to start writing her own novels. All her leads were either powerful or witty. Even if they were weak on the outside, they were strong in the inside, and not one of those characters were desperate for love and could not live without it.

She suddenly felt grateful to those novels that she had first read, otherwise, how would she now have extra money to on hand? Although she’s not like those overbearing CEO’s with villas and cars, she presently had enough to pay a deposit for an apartment and buy a Benben Mini with no problems if she wanted to.

The only problem was that her driving skills were not great and she was afraid she might injure others as well as herself so she always didn’t dare to drive.

“Su Le, you aren’t asleep yet?” Chen Yue, who wore a pajamas, walked into the room with a glass of milk. “It’s almost 12. Even if you’re not worried about being tired tomorrow, you should still think about your skin.”

“No worries, I’m almost done.” Su Le replied to a few comments from her readers while drinking the glass of milk that Chen Yue placed on the table, “How come you’re still not asleep?”

“I just woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep,” Chen Yue climbed onto Su Le’s bed to sit down. “Are you still thinking about what happened last night?”

Su Le put the glass down, “Yue Yue, you don’t need to worry about me. It’s just a man.”

“If I knew earlier that Zhuang Wei was such a person, I definitely wouldn’t have agreed to help him pursue you in the beginning.” Chen Yue regretted. “That man is just too unreliable.”

Su Le’s heart warmed and she took out an envelope from the drawer, “This is for you, it’s my rent and my share of this month’s utility bills. I gave myself a discount based on our friendship and since I just lost my job, please let me off, I’m poor, dirt poor.”

“You can carry on and pretend to be poor,” Chen Yue accepted the envelope and put it to one side. “I tell you, great author, not only will I charge you for the utility, I would also charge you for the air.”

“Come on, how would my little amount of money be of significance in the eyes of the Chen’s eldest daughter? Lady Chen, to you, isn’t my money just a drop in the ocean?” Su Le closed the web page and turned around to face Chen Yue. “This weekend, Senior Wei is cooking a meal personally. If you have time, you should come as well.”

“I’m going home to eat with my parents this weekend,” Chen Yue took a pillow to cuddle. “Su Le, you wicked woman. Tell me honestly, how did you seduce our confident, rich, and considerate Senior Wei?”

Su Le looked at Chen Yue stupefied, “If you like, I can help you connect the red string.”

Chen Yue felt despair over the hopeless Su Le and she sighed to herself, “Kid, it’s better if you carry on writing your novels.” Senior Wei, there’s a issue with your sight – for real.

“I was doing so not too long ago,” Su Le opened her QQ and there were actually still a few night owls online in the author’s chat group. Su Le was torn. She wanted to carry on writing, but she also wanted to chat with the group. She glanced at the red handwritten words on the computer table ‘If you don’t write, then die in my hands’… Silently closing QQ, Su Le said, “The company that I had an interview at contacted me today and said that I can start working next week.”

Chen Yue nodded and didn’t go about mentioning to Su Le again about how she could have just worked at her family’s company. “Then, do you want to go?”

Su Le yawned, “In any case, I’m not actually doing anything so having a job might be good.”

Chen Yue knew that Su Le didn’t really cared about the salary from the job. By Su Le’s qualification and she could earn about 100,000 yuan annually, but that’s already being generous in the calculations. It would still require her to work extremely diligently and achieve a high performance index. After paying her rent, bills and sending money to her mother, Su Le was left with nothing much.

But the majority of Su Le’s spending money comes from novels, and since she is relatively well known in that circle, her novels are also selling well. So after these couple of years, Su Le was not lacking in money.

This was what Chen Yue admires the most about Su Le. No matter what happens, Su Le would not be dispirited and will not have no other paths to take.

“Ah. By the way, Su Le, didn’t auntie open a Shu style embroidery workshop? How is business?” Chen Yue suddenly asked. “Just let me know if you need anything.”

“The reason why my family’s empress dowager opened the workshop was because she was bored, and she has hired some employees to help. A while ago, I heard she received a big order so business isn’t bad.” Su Le drank some milk again, “For the past two years, there has been publicity for Shu style embroidery locally. The clothings made with Shu embroidery also looks amazing and comfortable. My family’s empress dowager is soon going to become a rich lady.”

Speaking up to this point, Su Le laughed, “However if there is really something, I won’t hold back to ask you.”

“That’s fine then. Remember to sleep early, I’m going to bed now. I still have work tomorrow. How do I pass these days,” Chen Yue turned and left the room. Su Le stared at the closed door and revealed a smile. Chen Yue may normally treat her harshly but if she really did run into a problem, Chen Yue would be even more anxious than her. She was really fortunate to have such a good friend.


Wei Chu handled the documents in his hand while speaking to Chen Xu, “I won’t be coming to the company tomorrow. If there isn’t anything major, don’t call me. Leave it till Monday to handle it.”

Chen Xu was very shock, “Lao Da, could it be… you want to take some days off.”

Wei Chu lifted his head from the document, “What’s wrong? I can’t?”

Chen Xu coughed dryly, “Of course you can, I’m just expressing my admiration at your balance between work and rest.”

“If your admiration would let you be willing to receive less wages, then I don’t mind if you admire me more,” Wei Chu signed and stamped on the document before putting it to one side.

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“Lao Da, exploiting the working class’ hard earned money is wrong. We cannot copy that from those capitalist,” Chen Xu chuckled and helped Wei Chu tidy up the files. “I heard that Zhuang Wei bothered your companion at the business party. What happened?”

Wei Chu glanced at Chen Xu but did not respond. Secretly, he thought to himself whether he should change his secretary.

“Lao Da, I always thought your secret love was that author, Qi Jiu. In the past, whenever she released a new book, you would always get them. But now that you have a new love, I really don’t know which corner you have thrown that author to.” Chen Xu sighed, “I recently heard Qi Jiu is releasing another book. Should I go and buy it for you again this time?”

“You no longer need to buy it when I fire you.” Wei Chu grabbed a light blue folder.

Chen Xu looked at Wei Chu, “Lao Da, there are some problems with that project plan. I can’t decide on it, you take a look and decide.”

Wei Chu nodded and flipped through the file. The areas that had problems were already highlighted by Chen Xu.

“Then, Lao Dao, when the new book comes out, I will definitely buy the book for you even if I have to make a camp outside.” Chen Xu sighed, “Her book gets sold out every time. I don’t even know what’s so good about the books from this author. It’s just a story about a fierce woman…”

“Even if you like those harem stories where a man has ten wives, there’s no need for you to criticise someone else’s effort.” Wei Chu coldly said, “Yesterday morning, you were late by five minutes. Your bonus for this month is forfeited.”

“As expected, the brothers are the limbs and women are the clothes. Whoever touches the clothes gets their limbs broken,” Chen Xu sighed while shaking his head.

“If you can run around the office naked, then I don’t mind caring about the mates more.” After putting the file down, Wei Chu spoke leisurely, “By the way, I will be leaving early this afternoon, so remember to handle these files. As for the form from the finance department, leave it for now, and when there’s time, go and check the accounts and see if the computer system needs amending.”

“No problem,” Chen Xu picked up the files and then asked curiously, “A date?”

Wei Chu stared at him in silence.

Chen Xu tactfully left the room. He was really getting interested in this Miss Su Le.


The next morning, someone in the office said they saw the boss driving his Audi to the supermarket and bought loads of groceries, but not many people believed this.

That was because all the employees firmly thought that their boss was definitely someone who enjoyed a life being served by beauties, so how could he possibly go and buy groceries personally?! A rumor, it was definitely a rumor.

Only Chen Xu was touching his chin as he seriously thought about something. He was pondering whether his boss would actually give him a portion if he did go and freeload a meal? Or would he be losing his next month’s bonus as well if he does go and freeload a meal?