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Chapter 99 – Is She Really The Third Miss? (2)

“Grandma, don’t you even recognize me? It’s only been a few days, but it turned out that my grandma didn’t love Yao Yao at all and forgot me immediately.” Ye Zhen pretended to be hurt.

In front of her, the little girl was dressed in green cedar, with a pleated skirt of green grass covered with scattered flowers and mist, which made her look as innocent and pretty. In her return, she became more charming to some degree.

Not only did the Old Madam Lu look stunned, but the sisters Lu Jing and Lu Fang, who were sitting nearby, couldn’t believe that the beautiful miss was none other than Lu Yaoyao.

Although Lu Yaoyao became significantly fair and beautiful before she left for Zhuangzi, it was not enough to shock people. It was just a little better from her original dark and thin appearance.

But now in this room, who was better looking than her?

No, the sisters were afraid that there was no one more stunning than Lu Yaoyao in the capital.

Old Madam Lu quickly recovered. She put Ye Zhen in her arms.

“How did my Yao Yao become so beautiful that her grandma almost didn’t recognize her?”

Ye Zhen covered her mouth and smiled, “Yao Yao knew that my grandmother would not recognize her. I read the medical book before. Soaking in hot springs has been good for my skin. I also made an ointment and applied it to my face according to the prescription in a medical book. Of course, I made two bottles for my grandma.”

Women love beauty, regardless of age.

Ye Zhen asked Dai Mei to bring over the ointment she made. “You just … soaked in hot springs and put on those ointments to become so fair and delicate?” Old Madam Lu asked incredulously.

Lu Jing said sourly, “What ointment is so magical?”

“Grandma, Yao Yao had been studying earnestly for these ointments. “Lu Xiangzhi said proudly.

Lu Lingzhi looked at them with a smile. He was used to Ye Zhen’s changes, but he still could understand others’ surprise.

Old Madam Lu laughed, “That also tells us that Yao Yao is a natural beauty. Before, she did not know how to dress up in Border Town. She just learned how to make herself beautiful here in the capital.” The madam’s eyes shone with unadulterated pride.

This was true. If Lu Yaoyao had a natural beauty, without the miraculous drop, she would still bloom into a beautiful flower if she learns to take heed of her appearance.

Ye Zhen hugged the Old Madam’s arm, “My grandma is the best one at seeing that I am a natural beauty.”

Hearing this, the Old Madam couldn’t help but laugh. “You are indeed my Yao Yao, who is a little shameless.” she tapped Ye Zhen’s forehead affectionately.

Lu Jing, who was on one side, was clutching the handkerchief in her hand tightly, jealous and hatred rose from her chest. Her eyes were fixed on Ye Zhen.

Not only did she envied Ye Zhen for being prettier than her, but she saw the smiles of the Chen family sisters also became somewhat reluctant.

All along, they all felt that they had superiority in front of Ye Zhen, but now it seemed to have become worthless.