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Chapter 65 – Laying The Odds on Her Name (2)

“Oh? Third sister doesn’t know? All the madams and misses who attend the poetry meeting on weekdays are willing to make a bet on whether you can get into the medical school or not!” Lu Fang dramatically whispered to Ye Zhen.

Tongue-tied, Ye Zhen took seconds to find the right words to say.

“Oh? And how is it going? ” she was indeed interested, and shocked.

“People who wins will have ten times the money they spent over their choice of bet. But so far, majority of the ladies have bet against your success.” Lu Jing said gloatingly, a smug look on her face. Lu Yaoyao had won everyone’s favor at home, but she still hadn’t won over those of the capital!

Ye Zhen showed an injured expression, “I see. I must go now, it is almost noon. I’ll see you when I return.”

Leaving the garden, the smile on Ye Zhen”s face brightened up, leaving Dai Mei beside her thoroughly confused. Clearly, it wasn’t the reaction she was expecting.

Is the third miss so excited to be shamed and belittled?


Lu Shiming and Lu Xiangzhi rode in front while Pei Shi and Mister Shan traveled in one carriage, they seemed to have something important to talk about. As a respectful daughter, Ye Zhen agreed to ride alone in a carriage behind them.

Pei Shi originally wanted to be with her daughter, but Mister Shan said he had something to ask her, therefore, she sat with him in his carriage patiently.

“Tell me, do you have anything to say, is it a matter of death?” Pei Shi asked anxiously.

Mister Shan looked at Pei’s facial features carefully, frowning slightly and asked, “Please don’t blame me for speaking straight. I don’t spit out a thing if I don’t find it necessary.”

Pei Shi’s heart was slightly tight, and his face smiled as usual. “What’s the matter?”

“Yao Yao, is she truly your daughter?” Mister Shan asked directly. No one could blame him for doubting this possibility, it was because everyday, Lu Yaoyao was looking like Ye Zhen even more!

After getting along with her these days, he sometimes thought that Ye Zhen was standing in front of him instead of Lu Yaoyao.

“Why do you ask? Yao Yao is my daughter. I gave birth to her in the Border Town.”

Sure enough she didn’t!

This was indeed the moment Pei Shi dreaded so much about! Why of all the people did Mister Shan ask her this question? Did he know any of Lu Yaoyao’s relatives?

Breaking out in a sweat, Pei Shi wished that the carriage’s window was not closed. “I just think it’s a coincidence that Yao Yao looks too much like…like the daughter of an old friend of mine.”

“Are there any missing daughters in their family?” came Pei Shi’s question. She felt even worse now for the family of Lu Yaoyao…But she couldn’t entertain the thought of her daughter leaving her.

“Not that I heard of.” Mister Shan shook his head. Perhaps he was thinking too much.

Shrugging her shoulders, Pei Shi was relieved, “Some people can be quite similar, you know.”

Giving out an audible sigh, Mister Shan nodded condescendingly, “You are right, though they look so much alike, Yao Yao is just as intelligent as the daughter of my old friend. Perhaps, she will have better prospects in the future.”

Pei Shi saw that Mister Shan had dispelled his doubts and his smile deepened. “That’s because we have such good gentlemen as you.”

“If you hadn’t left then, you would have been a doctor.” Mister Shan looked at her and said.

“The past will not be mentioned.” Pei Shi shook her head and chuckled. She followed Lu Shiming without hesitation. She was also reluctant to let him suffer injustice in the capital. They had been in the Border Town for so many years.

In fact, life back there was very satisfying. Even if coming back meant living again in their simple ways, she would be more than willing..

Everyone has their own ways, and their decisions buds from this. Mister Shan understood Pei Shi’s choice. He himself also chose to leave the Women’s College and would rather wander around.

Remembering the life she left years ago, Pei Shi couldn’t help but laugh at its irony. Never have she thought she would give up on her dreams in favor of the man she loved.

Looking at her children’s faces, she never regretted this life she chose.

“I only hope Yao Yao can inherit my mantle and study medicine in the medical center. If she wants to be a female medical officer, she has my full support.”

Mister Shan turned to look outside. He hoped Lu Yaoyao would not only become a female medical officer.

To him, she could become so much more…