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Chapter 337 – Inexplicably Jealous (2)

Ye Zhen, who had already returned to the Lu Family, was oblivious to the fact that Mo Rongzhan was angry for most of the day because of the list she had written. Before she went to find Madam Lu, she was called by Lu Shiming.

“You can’t talk to Mother about your eldest brother’s poisoning. I’m afraid your grandmother will not be able to bear it.” Lu Shiming whispered to Ye Zhen. “Wait for your eldest brother to come back before you tell her.”

“Father, if Eldest Brother’s injury stabilizes, Imperial Physician Qi will bring him back,” Ye Zhen said, although she eagerly hoped that he would never come back.

Lu Shiming sighed softly. “His injuries aren’t the problem, this poison—”

“There is Imperial Physician Qi.” Ye Zhen smiled and comforted Lu Shiming.

“Fine, it’s useless to regret what has happened. Go to Mother and speak carefully. Don’t let her catch the clue. No one in the family knows that Lingzhi was poisoned.” Lu Shiming cautioned softly.

Ye Zhen did not want to trigger the matriarch. She hated Lu Lingzhi, but she could not hate everyone in the Lu Family, especially Lu Shiming and his wife. Without them, how could she have been reborn as her younger sister today?

In the upper hall, apart from Second Madam Lu, there were a few others that Ye Zhen had never seen before. Old Madam Lu called her over and introduced her to those who belonged to Lu Lingzhi’s uncle’s family. When they heard that something had happened to their nephew, they had all come over to speak a few words of comfort.

“This is the newly titled Princess Furong, right?” The woman sitting next to Second Madam Lu looked at Ye Zhen in surprise. “Oh, seeing her is really like watching a figure walk out of a painting.”

When the others heard the words Princess Furong, they immediately got up and bowed.

Ye Zhen smiled faintly. “Please don’t be courteous, please sit down.”

The woman who had just spoken was Lu Lingzhi’s eldest aunt, Hu Shi. She had a plump body and with a faint smile on her face, she said, “We heard that Lingzhi was injured, we came here in a hurry. Fortunately, it’s not serious.”

Old Madam Lu seemed a little tired to deal with them, looked at Ye Zhen, and asked, “Yaoyao, what news did you gather in the palace?”

Ye Zhen smiled and said, “Everything is okay. They said that they will send Eldest Brother back to the capital soon.”

Hu Shi said hurriedly and happily, “That’s good. Our Lingzhi is a very fortunate person.”

Old Madam Lu nodded slightly, rubbing her eyebrows tiredly.

Hu Shi noticed Old Madam Lu’s reluctance to engage in a conversation with her. Taking the hint, she smiled and excused herself on the pretext of seeing Liu Shi. Eldest Madam Lu had been ill ever since hearing news of her son’s injury.

Old Madam Lu asked Chen Wei to lead them over.

“Grandmother, let me help you to rest.” Ye Zhen couldn’t bear to see Old Madam Lu like this and went to hold her arm.

“Silly child, I’m not really tired, I just don’t want to see these people.” Old Madam Lu whispered in disgust. “Do you think they really care about Lingzhi? These people are only worried about losing their benefits.”

“What benefits?” Ye Zhen asked suspiciously.

Old Madam Lu hummed. “Your eldest brother previously promised to find a position for his elder aunt’s son. If the Liu family didn’t have your eldest brother, how could they come to the capital now? Even his uncle’s matters were arranged by Lingzhi.

“We can’t control what other people think. Everything will be fine as long as Eldest Brother comes back safely. Grandmother, don’t worry too much,” Ye Zhen said.

“How can I not worry about him? Ever since I found out that something has happened to him, I have always been upset. Yaoyao, speak truthfully with your grandmother, your elder brother… what’s really going on?” Old Madam Lu always felt that the truth was being concealed. “You can tell me. Although I am old, after so many ups and downs in life, what else can I not stand? ”

Ye Zhen smiled. “Grandmother, why don’t you believe me? After Imperial Physician Qi is done healing Eldest Brother, he will come back.”

Old Madam Lu shook her head and sighed. “If it’s just a minor injury, why should the emperor let Imperial Physician Qi rush to him? He must have been severely injured.”

“That is because the emperor values Eldest Brother, and also to ensure he is safe and sound,” Ye Zhen whispered.

“Is that so?” Old Madam Lu still didn’t believe it.


Ye Zhen smiled and sat down beside Old Madam Lu. “If you’re still worried, just let Second or Third Brother go there in person.”

Old Madam Lu suddenly had an epiphany. “You are right. I must have a look myself to be assured! Yaoyao, you and I will go see Lingzhi.”

“Grandmother, you want to go in person?” Ye Zhen was dumbfounded.

“Yes, I can’t rest assured if I don’t take a look in person.” Old Madam Lu said, “Come here, go and invite the Third Master over.”

Ye Zhen hurriedly persuaded, “Grandmother, it is a long journey. We don’t know where Eldest Brother is resting. If we go about like this, we may miss seeing Eldest Brother altogether.”