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Chapter 292 – Anger (1)

The tranquil New Year’s Eve night was especially glittery, the night sky seemed to sparkle like lit lanterns.

In this rare moment of peace, Eunuch Fu was intending to just sit by the side palace halls and have a cup of hot tea. Since the emperor was visiting the Palace of Earthly Tranquility this time of the evening, he didn’t think he would be going anywhere else tonight. He considered changing his tea to a few cups of wine, it was New Year’s Eve, after all, he should enjoy a little as well.

But even before Fude could warm his bottom, he saw the emperor storming out. He stood up in a trice, unable to tend to his tea, abandoning all thoughts of wine whatsoever as he darted after his master.

“Your Majesty, you left the Palace of Earthly Tranquility—” Before Eunuch Fu could even finish asking, catching sight of his liege’s sullen face, he covered his mouth and didn’t dare make a peep.

Mo Rongzhan did not directly return to the Palace of Heavenly Purity. Instead, he trudged around the palace premises. Not far away, fireworks bloomed in midair, popping, and echoing … making for a spectacular sight. The sprightly colors in the distance seemingly spread cheer and joy.

“Your Majesty, it is the little prince setting off fireworks,” Eunuch Fu said in a low voice.

“Is A’Yi going out of the palace tomorrow?” Mo Rongzhan asked lightly.

Eunuch Fu wondered how he knew if the little prince would be leaving the palace tomorrow. “This servant does not know.”

Mo Rongzhan coldly snorted, there seemed to be some dissatisfaction.

“This servant shall inquire immediately,” Eunuch Fu said, taking the cue of his master’s discontent. He wondered about the sudden change in the emperor’s attitude. All these years, he had cared naught about his little brother’s whereabouts but would always be sure to send people after him. Why did he ask today?

“Go on.” Mo Rongzhan waved his hand and went on ahead.

When Eunuch Fu saw that the emperor wanted to return to the Palace of Heavenly Purity, he instructed the imperial servants to keep pace with him. Then, he turned to find the little prince.

When Mo Rongzhan returned to his residence, he dismissed all his retainers. After a while, a black figure appeared quietly before him.

“What did you find out?” Mo Rongzhan asked in a low voice.

The man was none other than Mo Rongzhan’s shadow guard. Kneeling on a knee, he reported. “Replying to His Majesty, this subordinate is incompetent. I have searched but could find out who the little girl that His Imperial Majesty met in the woods is, also Wang Fei Lu has no relation to her at all.”

“Her name is Yaoyao. You only have to search this entire capital, yet you have not found anything about it at all?” Mo Rongzhan’s tone held some anger.

Shen Yi lowered his head. “Your Majesty, except for the third miss of the Lu Family, there is no other miss who has the same name. If one has the same name … one’s age is not the same as the one His Imperial Majesty is looking for.”

Yaoyao is just her nickname, her given name is definitely not this! Mo Rongzhan rubbed his eyebrows. He regretted not asking more questions at that time. It was because he felt she was guarding herself too much, he was afraid that she would think he was approaching her with ulterior motives. Only now he regretted the decision he had made.

Mo Rongzhan asked in a heavy voice, “Have you found out about Lu Yaoyao’s encounter with the bandits?”

“Replying to His Majesty, it was Princess Liu Hua who sent people after Lu Yaoyao. She wanted to abduct her for several days. The maid was just a scapegoat. The two bandits were beaten to death in prison.”

“Princess Royal’s hands are getting longer and longer. Even in the prisons of the Ministry of Justice, she has her people.” Mo Rongzhan sneered, furious that Liu Hua dared to let people hurt Lu Yaoyao. When he thought of how Lu Yaoyao was almost abducted, given her looks, he was afraid those men had malicious intentions. If ever something untoward were to befall her … even now he felt a throbbing pain in his heart, his face turned gloomy.

Shen Yi snuck a peek at his master and continued in a low voice: “What Old Madam Lu said about Lu Yaoyao’s rescue, it was not Huangfu Chen.”

Mo Rongzhan’s eyes moved lightly. “Huangfu Chen didn’t save her?”


“She saved herself—” Shen Yi recounted every detail he had gleaned from the bandits themselves before their deaths.

It was only now that it dawned upon Mo Rongzhan, Lu Yaoyao was an excellent archer. It was said that she had astonished everyone in the academy when showcased her skills.

A faint smile graces his lips. He could imagine how she had scared the three bandits away by pulling a bow and shooting her arrows.

Then he remembered something else. “One of the bandits died. Was it Lu Yaoyao’s arrow?” Mo Rongzhan asked.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Shen Yi replied.