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Chapter 290 – Losing Favor (1)

The darkness that had been looming over the Lu Family, seemed to have cleared. Lu Lingzhi’s victory settled every worrying heart, rekindling hopes, and joy. The already happy new year’s celebrations turned more jubilant. More laughter and noise rang through the mansion.

However, Ye Zhen felt otherwise. Every word gesture of happiness was like a knife wedged in her heart. She was unreconciled, angry … she loathed her enemy’s victory, all she wished for was his defeat. Unable to bear it any longer, under the pretext of being drunk and having a headache, she excused herself. No one made any objections and the old madam sent her back to her room.

Lying on her bed, eyes wide open, she gazed at the canopy over her bed. Things were different from what she’d supposed them to be. She remembered that Lu Lingzhi had been seriously injured in the west. However, seeing that the battle in the west was coming to an end, no matter how dangerous a battle could be, he still kept on sending good news to the capital.

Lu Lingzhi’s victory was good news for both Lu Wushuang and the Lu Family, but for Ye Zhen, it could only be worse.

What should I do? Now that Lu Lingzhi returned victorious, bringing honor to the family, it would be even more difficult for her to get revenge. The enemy’s footing was growing stronger and stronger, while she hadn’t even begun.

Ye Zhen was baffled. She had thought everything was under her control only to wake up to a harsh reality.

Why has Lu Lingzhi not been injured?

No, it can’t be!

She clearly remembered he had returned injured, and she was certain she wasn’t mistaken. But here …

Ye Zhen suddenly sat up straight. Of course, she was mistaken! He had not been injured in the battle itself but on his way back to the capital! Therefore, this is not the time that he got seriously injured. She had it all mixed up.

Yes, that’s it! All she needed to do now was wait.

Ye Zhen’s mood suddenly felt better again. She hugged the quilt in her arms, the corners of her mouth wore a little smile. She slowly reclined and dug hard into the happenings over those two years in the palace. She wanted to be sure she would not be mistaken again. As her mind wandered deeper and deeper into memory, she gradually succumbed to slumber.

Imperial Palace.

The people in the palace, royalty or not, were also immersed in the mood the New Year’s Eve brought about. Joy and woe; hope and despair … it had all of it. Some were excited over the bustlings and rejoiced in anticipation of gifts, while some could only hide the sorrows in their eyes in the dark corners of the palace and secretly weep, missing the times they could have spent and be reunited with their families.

While Mo Rongzhan and the empress dowager were having their reunion dinner, they received the good news about Lu Lingzhi’s victory.

“Indeed, it’s good news.” The empress dowager looked at Mo Rongzhan, smiling.

“It is good news.” Mo Rongzhan nodded and put the good news aside. Since he had sent Lu Lingzhi to the west, naturally, he had expected nothing less.

The empress dowager looked at him. “Your Majesty, you have not visited Wang Fei Lu for a long time now.”

Lu Lingzhi had won the battle. As the emperor, he should at least show gratitude to the Lu Family. Paying a visit to Lu Wushuang was the best expression for it.

Mo Rongzhan nodded faintly. “Zhen shall go to the Palace of Earthly Tranquility later.”

“Go now. In a moment, A’Yi will be here to accompany Aijia. You don’t have to be here to accompany Aijia,” said the empress dowager.

“Imperial Mother, Zhen shall go take a look.” Mo Rongzhan frowned. Just the thought of visiting Lu Wushuang, made him ill all over. But he knew his mother was right. What had he not faced in life ‘til now, what’s more a girl like Lu Wushuang.


If only things were as easy as they seemed …

Walking out of Cining Palace, the emperor’s otherwise bold and brisk steps slowed. It was as if his whole body, especially his legs, were protesting. He did not wish to go to the Palace of Earthly Tranquility. His eyes didn’t wish to see the conniving woman, his heart held nothing but hatred towards her and his mind was always reminded of his Yaoyao in her presence.

Her deceit and treachery … how he wished to wring the truth from her. How he was dying to demand an answer from her … what happened to his Yaoyao. He was exuding immense determination in holding himself back, but he knew it was slowly crumbling with each passing moment.

“Your Imperial Majesty, we have arrived at the Palace of Earthly Tranquility.” Eunuch Fu’s low voice breached his sovereign’s musings.

Mo Rongzhan’s eyebrows creased. How could we have arrived this soon.