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Chapter 252 – Desperate to Marry (2)

This incident significantly affected the Old Madam’s mood. It took a good deal of effort from Ye Zhen and Lu Shiming to uplift the old madam’s mood. At last, listening to the father-daughter’s jokes and instances from their border town, the matriarch burst into a fit of laughter.

“You’ve learned your father’s temperament. You’re like an unruly monkey– naughty and playful.” Old Madam Lu good-naturedly reprimanded, teasing and pulling Ye Zhen in her arms.

“Grandmother, unruly monkey’s children are unruly monkeys as well.” Ye Zhen replied in all seriousness.

“Do you mean that Mother is also an unruly monkey?” Liu Shi on the side put on a fake smile, regarding Ye Zhen as a thorn in one’s flesh. “

This Liu Shi, does she really know when to speak without reserve!

Ye Zhen flashed her a pleasant smile and said politely, “Auntie, if Grandmother is a monkey, I wonder how many people would want to be a monkey. How many people can be like the old madam who has beautiful granddaughters, handsome grandsons, and nobles and officials as Elder Sister and Elder Brother?”

The room erupted in a peal of boisterous laughter, Lu Shixun shook his head and said to Lu Shiming, “Third Brother, your daughter really has a way with words.”

Lu Shiming nodded proudly. “She takes after me.”

“You are the most shameless,” Old Madam Lu said to her son bluntly.

The jesting and banter continued on for a while as the family held a celebratory banquet in honor of Lu Lingzhi’s victory.

Ye Zhen all along accompanied the old madam on her side. Like everyone else, she was looking forward to the return of the man himself. Looking at the smiling faces of everyone in the family, her heart seethed in rage. In the beginning, she had encouraged Lu Lingzhi to go to the west, not to make contributions, but to return with an injury.

She knew that he would be seriously wounded during his campaign. He had to recuperate for at least half a year. As long as he stayed at home injured, she would be able to deal with him.

Today’s “good” news … perhaps is just the beginning. The real good news has yet to come.

Ye Zhen had a hard time staying up until the end of the banquet. Not long after she had retired in her room, Lu Fang came to find her.

“Second Sister, you’re just in time. I was about to find you.” Seeing Lu Fang arrive, Ye Zhen ordered Dai Mei to prepare tea and let the second miss in.

Lu Fang looked at Ye Zhen with a straight face. “I know what you want to say to me. You don’t have to say anything. I won’t change my mind about this matter.”

Ye Zhen slightly frowned. “Second Sister, Liang Chun may be well-off but marrying him is not as good as you imagine.”

“But after I marry him, I will be the wife of the marquis,” Lu Fang said in a low voice.

“You’re marrying Liang Chun just to become an official’s wife?” Ye Zhen felt that this was a ridiculous reason. Is the status comparable to her own lifelong happiness?

“I don’t have your good looks, Yaoyao. Even if you enter the palace in the future, you may not lose to the wang fei. Don’t argue with me about Marquis Liang, will you?” Lu Fang urged.


“Do you think I’m trying to argue with you? If I wanted this marriage, I wouldn’t have refused last time. Second Sister, if you don’t listen to Grandmother’s advice, you will regret it in the future,” Ye Zhen sarcastically asked.

“Even if I regret it, this is my business.” Came Lu Fang’s stubborn reply.

Ye Zhen nodded. “Well, then I won’t pry too much. For the sake of your sisters, I say again, you better ask around about Liang Chun and then decide whether to marry him or not.”

“Thank you for your concern, Third Sister.” Lu Fang raised her chin and pretended to be noble and said, “I’m also grateful to you. If you had not mentioned this to me, I would not have been able to ask my mother to fix this marriage of the Liang Family for me.”

Ye Zhen was left speechless. She hoped that Liu Shi would just fall ill for more days. Who knew if this person of poor health still had her way to communicate with the Liang Family? It seemed that she underestimated Liu Shi.

Girdled by her haughty aura, Lu Fang turned on her heels and sashayed out of the room. Seeing the departing figure, Ye Zhen shook her head and sighed. She had said what she ought to say. Even so, the girl still obstinately persisted in going about things the wrong way. Now matters were beyond her, she could do nothing about it.

As for Liu Shi … As long as she keeps from meddling in her affairs, she would not deal with her on her own accord. If not, she should be prepared to continue being ill for a few more days.

“Third Miss, this invitation was delivered for you just now.” An envelope in hand, Dai Mei entered the room.


Who sent this? Ye Zhen wondered as she opened the letter. In no time, her serene countenance turned cold. To her surprise, it was Tang Zhen!

He has the nerves to invite me to a banquet at his house!

Wasting no time, Ye Zhen picked up a brush and briskly penned a response. “Check if the person who sent the letter is gone, and hand them this!” She instructed Dai Mei.

When Tang Zhen read the contents of the reply he was left speechless.

Go to hell!